Take Flight with the Dragonflight Trial!

Take Flight with the Dragonflight Trial!

For a limited time*, players who do not own Dragonflight but have a subscription or active Game Time can play the new expansion as the dracthyr Evoker beginning today.

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i can see this not ending well here in a bit becaue you are given people 30 day free time and now youre giving more free stuff. did dragonflight sales not do good lol but hey free is free.


Sales kinda in the gutter, eh?


all these promotions one after the other kind of make me doubt the popularity of the xpack :wink:

i guess it’s not going so great.

everyone just wants diablo4 i guess {wishful thinking}


Yeah what’s with all the free stuff lol.
It’s not even a month yet.


Yeah, it’s looking suspect now, which is a shame. I think Dragonflight is great, but I guess there were too many bombs in a row to bring folks back.


That’s my thought process, too. So many left and are so suspicious about the new one that they don’t want to play it.


they dont have the sales so theyre trying to entice people in now. i would assume that shadowlands and bfa was enough to destroy peoples hope and trust in the game. with the news of chris returning this may also help. so i’m guessing they’re trying to reel in players now. hype for shadowland was too high and it bombed too hard.


Not entirely unexpected. For many I’m sure while Legion was decent WoD, BFA and SL were a bit too much.


Well it’s mostly because the dev team burned players twice with BFA and Shadowlands.

Shadowlands did so much irreparable damage to the game where it really didn’t improve until 9.1.5.

It will take 2-3 expansions for opening month/pre-purchase sales to be back to the point they were at assuming we have 2-3 good or better expansions.

IMO Dragonflight is in a state were it’s pretty good to play, they just need to entice players back to try it.


yes i mentioned this to reynn above your post, i agree with yours either way

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is it possible the agenda seemingly showing up deters people?

wow was (A LOT) more popular when it didnt care about that stuff :wink:


Ya I just generally read one post at a time and respond :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading the article, it looks like this is only for making an evoker and leveling it to 63. If you want to level any other character past 60, I don’t think it will work. I mean, not bad as a promo to encourage current players to shell out for the xpac, but if folks want to stick to the main they have, they can’t see what that would be like.


I suspect that those who left still have the bad taste in their mouths from SL.

They’re probably hoping to lure them back or give those who are still in ‘wait and see’ mode a taste to get them to actually buy.

I know I haven’t renewed my sub and am still in ‘wait and see’ mode. I’m enjoying the expansion but I’m still waiting to see if they fix things they have broken which annoyed me.

Got a month to go to see if there is enough done on their part to get me to renew. shrug Seems others are feeling similarly.

They lost a lot of goodwill due to SL. They have a massive lot to make up for.


blizzard is really bad at promo’s. that’s like what? just waking shores? maybe a little bit of plains as well.

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While all the free time and play is not a bad thing the fact they’re doing this early on just tells me that sales were lower than expected KEKW. This is what happens when you not only bomb one expansion, but you severely bombed the next one that players are hard pressed to return. Shadowlands stained the games reputation and you’re going to need more than flying dragons speeding through the air to mend it, but it’s a start.


Now I’m starting to wonder what they offered him. They’re clearly hoping he can pull this ship off the iceberg and keep it afloat, but that’s probably more than one person can do.


Shadowlands was really bad and people became really conscious that they had another option in FFXIV.

Dragonflight is good but didn’t really try to compete with FFXIV for that casual player–no feature like player housing or any other content that focuses on non-dungeon/raid content, just plays like Legion/Bfa/Shadowlands but without “systems”. Which is good, but not really a home run.

It will be hard to court back some of the players who are currently glamouring their catgirl up in limsa lominsa unless they offer more on that front. Trading post looks great but they probably shouldve launched with that, and more