Take Flight with the Dragonflight Trial!

Dragonflight sales figures have been disasterous, Dragonfail confirmed…


Been saying it. Sales are not good.


My second account likes these options, main account is indifferent.

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Time to dip my toes, and fully submerge once DF is 35-50% off at boxing day

Captain she can’t take much more!


This is the first xpac that I can remember where they did not post day 1 sales numbers. Based on these promotions and the sudden return of Metzen I would guess it did not do well at all. It is definitely better than SL, but this doesn’t feel like WoW anymore.


You all are enjoying these negative news and want Dragonflight or Warcraft as a whole to burn and be shut down. That’s what everyone sound like.

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im so happy i havnt bought yet lmaooooooooooooo


There just trying to spread the Christmas joy and you guys get all negative.


They all want dragonflight to fail so that it can satisfy their negativity towards the game and hope that it flops hard enough to hurt the franchise so that it can die.

I wont want dragonflight to fail, I just want WoW to change course a bit and learn from 2 things, the success of Classic and their competition with FFXIV. I think WoW could return to being a really great game if they’d make a few changes based on those two games, because I think the biggest problem with modern WoW is its fixation on mythic+ and raiding, two activities that most players dont even like, at the expense of fun open world or RP content (like FFXIV has) and server community and meaningful leveling challenges (like Classic has).


Nobody wants annoying leveling and also we already have some open world and more to be made as the expansion goes on. And also you can already earn 359 or something gear in the open world and 385 gear.

Daddy Blizzard is scarrrrreddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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Bump the trial up to level 60 already. Make a good trial people want to play.

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Actually, I feel the opposite. It worries me that they’ve been doing all these back-to-back promotions. It makes me suspect the folks who say sales were bad aren’t wrong.

And that’s really a shame because Dragonflight is a good expansion. Yes, there are problems, but DF is so much NOT SL that I wish more players would give it a shot and see how they like it. The promos might help do that, but the fact that Blizz is doing them at all is worrisome.

And if Blizzard DOES put it on sale so soon after launch, that will 100% confirm the poor sales. But you can bet I’ll buy it for my second account.


Take flight, Unless you are disabled, then you can wait 6-12 months for us to be ok with flying like everyone else gets to! (there’s a whole section of people with vertigo that can’t fly with everyone else, enable regular flying soon please)


I dunno…my little realm hasn’t been this jammed in years. Anecdotal, but eh. Even GD has been less…GD…about it so far. I’ve seen more praise than negativity, or at least as much. DF seems to be doing fine.

Haven’t seen this ever before with other expansions.

Wonder what’s different this time around? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m sure many have written off Blizzard for good after all these semi-awful game releases.

DF may be good (so far), but what about Diablo Immortal, and Overwatch-Not-Quite-2-But-Just-A-Shop-Overhaul? That’s not even counting WoW.

Imo, many have been burned and aren’t coming back, justifiably so.

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I don’t think this has to do anything with sales.

I think they’re just taking the marketing of WoW in a new direction, trying to bring in as much fresh blood as possible for what many at Blizzard see as a new beginning.

Obviously we’ll know more about sales when Activision Blizzard releases that information which should be sometime this month or next month, but yeah I don’t think sales are an issue. By all accounts this is one of the most popular expansions Blizzard has ever released.

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Finally, they’re addressing the Tanking shortage by increasing the amount of Healers and DPS.

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