[CS Lounge] New Lounge, Same Loungers

:dracthyr_no1: :dracthyr_no2:

plz do not.

Best wishes for a quick recovery.


Oh glorious day!


Been too long in coming, imo. /nod


My dog behaves like a three year old sometimes. On our walk this morning, she stopped to sniff something, then started moving again. But she wasn’t looking around at all, like normal, even when I said her name. So I tried to look at her face, but she turned her head away. I already “knew” what was going on, and sure enough, she was hiding a “treat” :nauseated_face: in her mouth. I managed to get it out of her mouth, and now I think she’s holding a grudge.


For those that are still waiting to get DF, if you have game time on your account Blizzard just announced that you can trail DF starting today. You can play an Evoker in the starting area from what I can find.


I somehow managed to vendor my weather-beaten fishing hat. :frowning: And since I used the item restore yesterday…

I’ll just have to set a reminder to do another restoration next week.

If you have Nat Pagle reputation, Nat’s Hat has better lures.


Apple butter is cooking. The apartment smells great. But jeez, peeling all those apples is literally a pain in the neck. Ouch.

They’re predicting a little snow this week, and if it hits, we’ll have a white Christmas, since we’re down to single digit temps for the weekend. I might have to flee back north where it’ll be warmer.


I picked up a starfuit apple peeler saves so much time.

This is very odd. Some of my characters have the Dragon Isles Summary icon on their minimap and some don’t. Just had it pop up on a lvl 31 bank alt but not on others (levels ranging from 20s into 50s).

Also, one of my alts cannot change her Garrison monuments.

Time for some bug reports.

Some executive at my husband’s company decided he likes seeing people at the office. He has ordered everyone to go back to the office. That includes people who worked from home before covid. My husband has been working from home for years. :unamused: We got rid of the second car a few years ago because it never got used. Whee!

That doesn’t seem right. :frowning:

Nope it doesn’t. My husband’s boss even has to go back to the office. She has worked from home for years as well. My theory is he wants to get people to quit (took a page from Elon Musk) so they don’t have to do layoffs.

Oh, the office is in Lansing. An hour drive each way.

Possibly, but if that is how a lot of them have been working, especially pre-covid, they may want to talk to HR on their rights.


I was aa IT consultant for years and although I could mostly work from home, I always found it beneficial to pop in to the office a day or two a week just so they could see my face.

A big part of consulting is relationships and a lot of people act differently over the phone or zoom than they do in a face to face encounter.
I recall one guy in particular who would go beserk if informed about a slight setback or delay over the phone. But if you told him the same thing face to face, it was never a big deal to him.

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He works in telecom. He fixes phone problems remotely. Corporate and government phones.


Gotta love it when you have an achievement completed, but never remember doing anything to earn it. I don’t recall doing anything with Dragonbane Keep yet, lol.

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I made homemade cider one year. OMG. Never again. Was incredibly tasty tho.


Yay. Enhancement shaman are getting the “nerf bat.” (Yeah, I know, we complain all the time; it’s in our nature.)

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