Sylvanas Won, Night Elves Lost (Amirdrassil Is A Dud)

This is depressing. The Night Elves are now gonna leave their ancient, ancestral land of Kalimdor, submitting control of it to the Horde, while they go and live in a foreign land? What’s worse is the Forsaken and Blood Elves still have a strong presence in the Eastern Kingdoms.

The Undead are able to reclaim the Undercity and start rebuilding, but the Night Elves? Get nothing. Couldn’t even have the new tree grow around Teldrassil and have it heal it or something, just gone… Sylvanas won in the end. She destroyed Teldrassil, drove the Night Elves and the Worgen refugees out of their home, and forced them to live in another place, foreign to them. Kalimdor is lost.

The Draenei are all we have left on Kalimdor, and they’re on an island off the coast. Congrats, Horde, you won. :broken_heart:


I stopped playing all my nelf characters because it was too infuriating and depression to watch them constantly lose and never get their justice or revenge :frowning:


I’m not sure why this would surprise anyone. I’ve been saying that for the past year.

You mean besides Hyjal, Winterspring, Felwood, half of Feralas, half of Ashenvale, retaking Darkshore, etc?


I would be surprised if the Night Elves ever return to Darkshore considering the Dragon Isles are their new home. Kalimdor is lost to them.


wait i thought they were replanting the tree in dark shore?

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Not really they are on a space ship now

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Did I miss a cinematic somewhere that says all of the Nelfs are moving? I’m just curious if there’s a post cinematic I didn’t see that talks about all of this.



Let me guess. You want the war back in warcraft. Leave us alone, we had enough.


Nah, I think this is just one of the people who actually thought Nelfs would get a tree back in Darkshore.

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Why would we want to live in a burned out husk where our family was murdered when all their spirits are hanging out in a new tree waiting for us?

Whole complaint smells of “but mah head cannon!”


No, Ive liked Dragonflight actually

In a world where the undead cleansed the Lordaeron and are reclaiming the Undercity, was it really so much to HOPE that Teldrassil’s scars could be healed and the Night Elves could stay in their home?


I do not see how this is a shocking thing you just realized. What did you think the giant world tree sized hole in the map was for?


No really, the faction war can stay over but the story of DF is LAME. Also, I’m pretty sure both my nelf hunter and DH would rather live in the park in Stormwind than the Dragon Isles being fricken babysitters and daycare workers :confused: ffs.


See my reply here, healing Teldrassil would’ve made sense if we could heal Lordaeron from the blight. All you needed was “Amirdrassil’s roots are intertwining with Teldrassil’s, healing its scars.” Anything over what we got.


I assumed the world tree wouldn’t magically move to where Teldrassil used to be. How would that even be explained?

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Magic, honestly. In a world where Dalaran can become a floating city, where we can regrow giant world trees, you could literally dig up a tree and replant it elsewhere. Idk how the game would’ve done it, but it could’ve worked. Just even having it grow and plant its roots, connecting with Teldrassil’s and healing it with Ardeanweald magic or whatever.


Wait a second, it was the Night Elves who kicked the High Elves out of Kalimdor to begin with so I have little sympathy for them now and Gilneas was Garrosh’s idea. Sylvanas didn’t win anything. She is stuck in the maw freeing souls.


Remind me again why the night elves initially didn’t like the highborne? Could it have had something to do with tampering with a certain well and almost breaking the world?


Because they used arcane magic.

That and bringing the Legion’s eyes to the planet because the Queen wanted a hubby.