Swearing, social contract and swear filter

Act like an adult maybe? People can easily mask their profanity to bypass the swear filter. Easy enough for you to not swear.


Profanity is the language of the ignorant.


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hey, i think i reported that. but i report hundreds a day, so who can remember them all.

Blizzard is destroying their game. Who gets hurt when they ban people for language? Blizzard does. Those people will just spend their money on other games. Wow is at the end of its lifecycle and they want to punish paying customers when there is a filter? There is not logic to this. They are chasing their customers away

So much this.

That is not accurate. You could always get in trouble for swearing… from the very first day when World of Warcraft launched.

The “new social contract”, isn’t exactly new. It breaks down to two sections. The first is a set of recommended behaviors that help make the gaming environment a more enjoyable place for everyone. Those are exactly that, recommendations.

The second part, just quotes sections of the Code of Conduct, that has been in place well before the social contract has. It contains outlines of our policies on what you should not do, and if you do, may result in penalties being applied to the account.

Mostly, the mature language filter is not intended to give someone permission to use language that would otherwise be considered against our policies. It serves as a temporary shield, to help parents of minors and others, who do not wish to see such language, to block it.

No, that isn’t true. Keep in mind that our policies are reactive in nature, so you’d need to be reported for our staff to review the chat. Swearing at someone is much more likely to result in someone reporting it, but any profanity or inappropriate subject matter can be reported for review and may result in a silence or suspension.


Lol when did this game go from rated T to E for everyone again? Also care to explain why you even have the option to turn a profanity filter on or off?

Youre kinda just asking for people to crybully anyone who says a “naughty word” rather than reporting for any legitimate reason.

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The content of the game is based on the ESRB rating. The policies on what kind of chat and other player driven content has always been ours and those policies haven’t changed.

I fail to see how that is a bad thing. Policies say don’t cuss… don’t cuss. It isn’t rocket science.


You’re confusing the in-game rating (which Blizzard has to follow) with the game rules which we as players need to follow.

The game is rated T for teen. The rules we agree to follow are part of the EULA.


I dont buy that for a second considering language filters themselves are a thing and pick up on it in the first place. @#4%#$#% means nothing. And if its inserting itself to begin with on a swear word then why is swearing important at all alongside any kinda language filter.

none of this makes any sense. help me make it make sense because thats crazy.

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Fair enough. Blizz can ban me if they dont like my shoes.

I’m surprised that this is confusing. You agree not to swear yet feel you should still be allowed to? Help me make sense of that please.

Also, the rules we agreed to even state that masked profanity is also against the rules.


That in and of itself is a bad thing.

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No i feel that the filters are there for no reason in that case. The filters don’t really do anything lol considering everyone turns them off. For what exactly again? To see swears to report them?
The language filter is supposed to be there to stop it in its tracks is it not? Am i misunderstanding that?

At which point why does swearing matter if @*#($&@#($ means nothing.


so… what’s your argument here?

you agreed to the rules the very first time you played.


i just dont get why the option to even turn it of or on is there in the first place. Just seems frivolous

Sorry, I missed this. Again, the option is there for parents of children who do not wish them to see it, as well as others who may want to avoid it, to turn on the filter.

If it doesn’t bother you, especially if you are having a private conversation with friends, in a private or guild channel, then that is generally up to you.

I’m sorry, Snowbite, but I’m not selling you anything. I"m giving you the reasoning behind our policies and tools.

In the end, that is entirely your opinion. This game has always had policies against using inappropriate language, that has never changed.


More about the filter options itself being there and somewhat misleading. SOMEWHAT. It half implies that turning it off means youre okay with foul language.

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For parents to help protect their kids from people who choose not to follow the rules anyway. By all means, if this is difficult for you, you don’t have to play the game.

And unfortunately, there are people out there who try to bypass the filter on purpose as well as those who strain to follow simple rules like not using profanity.


Frankly, Snowbite, because it isn’t about you. If you don’t see value in having the filter on, then don’t use it. For those that might, they have the option.