Suspensions going out for cache abuse

@maris-suramar didn’t receive a response to a ticket, i think the unban wave is just rolling out

This is such b.s guess i need to be like most now on and stop paying cash for my subs since they will treat me like a scrub anyhow

My buddy was unbanned :smiley:


There is quite a few half-brained people in forums nowadays.

The ban was one of two things:
A mistake made by blizzard during mass banning people using exploits or real bugs.
They are responding to the uproar of people hitting up live chat support for being suspended for Blizzards mistake.

I personally received a 1 day suspension for grinding 6 hours of fragments to open the randomly spawning chests across the map.

If you are in here saying, they should be banned for exploiting this bug, then you obviously have no idea on what you are speaking on.

The majority of people suspended were just farming mobs, and opening chests, which is 1/4 of the content released thus far into 8.3 .

Blizzard made a terrible judgment call and messed up a piece of content that no player could have known was a mistake.

End of story.

Glad we are all unbanned - and back to the grind brothers.


If this is true Blizzard punishing players for their incompetence. I’ve never seen so many screw ups in an expansion. Beta for Azeroth strikes again!:sweat_smile:

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Unbanned or not isn’t the point. honestly Blizzard should give every single person who has been given a ban for something that was never warned about isn’t fair practice. There was no lock out on the coffers or any indication that what we were doing was wrong. Me personally didn’t feel the grinding for the fragments was worth the time it takes to earn them.

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We’ve removed the suspensions that were issued for repeatedly looting the Black Empire Coffer.

We hotfixed the underlying issue earlier this week. Our initial analysis suggested that there was exploitative behavior here: a series of actions that needed to be taken outside of typical gameplay in order to gain advantage. However, further investigation revealed this was not always the case. This chest could reset under innocuous or even accidental conditions.


So what was the PTR for? Thanks for the reply, but this seems like a major issue slipping through - given the quick punishment.



don’t be fooled… there was definitely an exploit being abused.

just because additional people got caught up in the suspensions, doesn’t mean that the ones who intentionally exploited are innocent.

-and it looks like this was just clarified.


It didn’t “reset sometimes under innocuous conditions”.

Not a single person in guild chat saw that box despawn after looting it. At all.

I know you’re just the messenger here, but please take the message back to the people making you take the heat for it.


Yeah. That you’re blowing hot air. It was a mistake on Blizzard’s part, and they thought people were exploiting but were in fact utilizing a bug that they couldn’t influence.

So why are you still blaming them?


He’s just a troll at this point.


You can’t even read the blue post that said some where intentionally exploiting.


I sure hope this issue wasn’t reported as a bug in the PTR and just ignored and put through anyhow. My level of disappointment with Blizzard is already high enough, and from what I’ve seen on youtube for the amount of bugs in this patch, I am already losing the love.


either you can’t read, or you just want to argue for the sake of it.

even after a blue comes in and confirms that people were exploiting, you still want to pretend that it wasn’t happening. :roll_eyes:

(and fyi, “utilizing a bug”, is considered exploitation)


Because they have a PTR. What is it there for if not for testing bugs? Why wouldn’t we blame Blizzard for their clear lack of QA which has stressed people over an issue they caused? We pay to play this game, we aren’t paying beta testers.


That is very literally not what the blue said.


Except the fact that people could, “accidentally” exploit was also raised, so it’s very likely that nobody even knew it was an exploit. People could just farm mobs and keep opening it - there as never any indication this wasn’t working as intended.

Blizzard won’t come out and say no one was exploiting, but the fact remains that the bug that allowed this was one that was completely out of the hands of the people doing it - if you wanted to open more, you just farmed more. And no one knew that wasn’t how it was supposed to work.


You guys didn’t seem to read the part about some people being innocent and being unbanned, either. The very same people you painted as guilty before the bans were lifted and before the blue post went out.

Just give it up already, you were wrong about being suspicious of them. They were unbanned, just accept it.


I may have misunderstood - I thougth the issue was grinding for the ability to open a chest, not that what they were doing was somehow resetting it.