Suspensions going out for cache abuse

Don’t they respawn every day? There are tons of them. However, I’ve never been able to loot one more than once per day.

is this in reference to the little things you gett pick up offf of mobs to open the otherwise locked crates in the new corruption areas?

Thus the word “SOME”… I know you can’t read.

So how many boxes are we supposed to be able to loot per day/week so this doesn’t happen again?


That’s not what I said. I’m specifically asking him why he’s blaming players, rather than Blizzard.

Please explain to me how something is being exploited when its not a known thing that is an exploit. Your logic is incompetent.

It seemed as if it was just another part of this release - in which if you spent enough time you could slowly grind to catch up on visions if say you failed a cloak but still wanted level 6 first week.

It was a MISTAKE made by BLIZZARD in making a chest able to be opened multiple times in a day. It was not an exploit players abused to get ahead, it was just a part of the patch release as far as ANY player could have known.


Yeah. Apparently they’re supposed to stop dropping after the first key is assembled.

Blizzard won’t say no one was exploiting. If anyone knew this was a bug - which is unlikely - then they’d be exploiting, but there’s no proof anyone did. Since as far as anyone was aware this was how it was intended.

You can’t exploit something you have no knowledge about. That’s not how it works.

it literally is.

…just because some innocent people were caught up in the wave, doesn’t make the guilty less guilty.

there was an exploit beyond what is being discussed here.
your tunnel vision doesn’t change that.


I’ve never seen a cow eat its own hoof until today.


Again you keep assuming too much with your posts. There is no reason to continue with you since you just spew out the same garbage each time.

Some people did intentionally exploit I know you don’t understand it but it’s cool.

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Please explain to me how someone can know that this is a bug (given there was never any indication this wasn’t intended) and not how it was supposed to work.


You wanna apologize to the people you claimed were guilty who were unbanned then? Or are you just gonna keep pretending you were right to be suspicious of the people in this thread who were unbanned?


Thank you for the clarification.

two people in this thread have a very hard tome being wrong.

the cognitive dissonance in their head must be crippling to double down in the face of evidence to the contrary.

what i would give to know what it’s like

if anyone’s taking an intro course in sociology, point to these two as an example of cognitive dissonance and you might get extra credit.


Why are you even here? You’re arguing that there were exploiters when this is a bug in a system that changes how it works when no one except Blizzard knew how it was supposed to work.

You’re wrong. This was a mistake on Blizzard’s part, don’t push the fault from them to a nonexistent exploiter.


Ahh I didnt know that. I think Ive opened 2, mainly because they usually dont give much that I cant get elsewhere. But yeah I agree, how TF are people supposed to know that, or, prevent themselves from looting them, especially if they didnt know? Do they want people to just not kill anything til they fix it? Thats absurd.

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Nope, I stated some people were exploiting and it was proven correct.

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Exploiting a bug is using something only able to be done if the person “exploiting” is aware that what they are doing is not meant to be in the game to their personal advantage.

You cannot exploit something that is just part of the game, seemingly to be able to grind something - this entire game revolves around endless hours of grinding to get ahead.


Blizzard can claim people were exploiting all they want, but NO ONE KNEW how many boxes you were supposed to be able to loot, so Blizz is just wrong.