Suspensions going out for cache abuse

You’re still blaming them. Wow. The cognitive dissonance is unreal.

Blizzard screwed up badly, and punished players for playing too much.


Nobully doesn’t know what he wants - the dude just wants to be negative about everything lmao


Sounds like he needs a different name TBH

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if they didn’t do anything wrong, why would the suspensions be upheld?

i don’t think i understand what you’re trying to get at here…

with any sort of mass account action, there’s a chance that some actions will be in error.
it’s the entire reason there’s an appeal process.

When someone is not given a clear and direct explanation for why an action was taken, speculation is the only thing they have to go on.

Searching for why it might have happened perhaps brings up a thread on someone farming for a few hours and opening a couple boxes and then getting suspended, so one thinks that is what happened to them as well.

It’s not really odd, just searching for an answer. Sometimes the answers one finds are not correct. Sometimes they are. :woman_shrugging:


Well one of my friends just got their day long ban lifted, so I guess that’s something.


Enjoy the suspension :dizzy_face:

And yes, it’s stupid. No, you shouldn’t be suspended. Yes, they’ll probably suspend you anyway since reports are coming in that people who only opened 3 have been suspended. So 2 may also get you suspended.

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I just got unbanned also for the same thing


Blizzard, and WoW’s management and upper decision makers, are now actively hostile to their own player base. It makes sense that the next expansion takes place in the land of the dead, since it will be the end of WoW.

You just said those same people are “suspicious” and must obviously be guilty. Now they’re unbanned and you’re like “well duh obviously they are innocent then”. The SAME people you already marked as guilty literally in this very thread.

Bruh. :woman_facepalming:


Given that Blizzard is unbanning them, and the ban was for people, “exploiting a bug” when there was no indication it was a bug… yeah? There’s no other reason they’d have been banned if it was related to 8.3.

Still blaming victims. Good job.


Same my ban was lifted


It’s almost like he’s clueless, as always.

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i searched.

i went straight to the website which would be most likely to contain the information, and clearly people were exploiting.

does that mean that EVERYONE who was actioned was guilty?
no, it just means that blizzard took precautions to cover themselves, because every time people get an unfair advantage, the forum blows up.

not sure why it’s a big issue if they erred on the side of caution.

if people didn’t do anything wrong, the account action will be lifted

lol ok

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checking in as someone else who also was banned and just had the suspension lifted. i just farmed some mobs and opened the caches a few extra times too many i guess. was a 30 hour suspension or so


How long did it take to be lifted? i put a ticket in almost 45 minutes ago

about 5 hours or so.

Mine wasn’t lifted by ticket, the ticket denied me actually. I just checked and the suspension wasn’t on the account anymore, check ur bnet launcher.


Yeah, my friends didn’t open a ticket, it just got lifted on it’s own.

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