Suspensions going out for cache abuse

Can someone explain how people were supposed to know that they were abusing it?

For example, me and a guildy got 3 boxes total, they stopped dropping and we spent time killing over 200 mobs to figure out that we must have capped somehow. So how exactly are other people supposed to know that you aren’t supposed to get more? Why are people being suspended for it?

(This didn’t affect anyone in my guild, I just want to know why Blizzard is going back on their statements about how exploiting needs to be obvious to be punished)


They should have seen the sign post next to the cache that clearly stated that it was to be opened only once per week.

Oh wait, Blizz forgot to implement that too…


The worst part is, I’m not even sure how many boxes we are supposed to be able to open now, because I looted 3, which is more than a daily, but less than infinite.

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Huh what? Never heard of this. Please explain more.


Where is the evidence for these suspensions, and that they were because of this? Can you link anything for me to read?


Apparently the relics you get to make keys are only supposed to drop so many times. If you keep looting them past a certain number of chests you’re apparently exploiting.



Cool, I hate the people that exploit early and often.

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What cache we talking about?


And Blizzard never warns us?

The fine print that isn’t there.



Please explain.

Are you talking about the caches which require relics to unlock?
I’ve opened 3 so far. 1 in uldum and 2 in pandaria.

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Cache exploiting? I’m not following.

The big locked chests? Or the smaller ones that aren’t locked?

I hadn’t gotten enough fragments for the big ones yet, but my SO looted at least one of those… is it the small chests? I thought those were just chests that spawn?

I’m mildly concerned now?


That seems to be the norm, is 2 in vale and 1 in uldum, apparently some people were able to loot more, but there is nothing stating ANYWHERE that they shouldn’t be able to. We were confused why they stopped dropping.


Well, it’s not a permanent ban. Just a three day suspension. But it’s odd. New content, Blizz’s bug, were we supposed to have a clue?


it is only the large chests, that require keys.

What cache are we talking about?

This is NEVER as simple as OP makes it seem.

Wait for info.


What do they contain?

A little bit more than the smaller chests from what I saw me SO get.

there are two types of chests found around the invasion zones, a small one that does not need a key to unlock, and a larger one that does need a key to unlock. the caches are the ones that require keys.

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I know. It’s why I’m curious and asked the question. :slightly_smiling_face: