Survey about RDF *excited*

Blizzard says that because they don’t want to look bad.

Even their earnings call with investors did not provide a breakdown of how many people fall in the following categories:

A ) Play just retail
B ) Play only classic
C ) Play both

It only broke down how many monthly active users belong to following three: Activision, Blizzard, and I think the last one was called King.

Everyone will use it. its Min/max
None. most of the time they were off realm.
I dont support.
No its a waste of time most groups just fall apart having some random start it on raid finder. Might as well join a discord where they do more Mod work than blizz would do. All we will see is advertisements on there.
no you just start killing things. Most of the socializing is one HI. Can i need that? Other than that complaints about someone in the group.

Yea but refuse to give numbers to back up their claim.

I don’t know what game you played but I never had a random DF group fall through.

For some reason after he looked at the numbers he decided to delete them. So he can’t copy/paste them here. But you can trust his word for it. No one would ever lie on the internet.

These kinds of questions should be asked in an in-game poll.

Where are people getting these surveys? Are they just sent via email to random players? I have never got one and I want to give my feedback :frowning:

While WoWhead has an article about the recent Cata survey, no such article exists for this supposed WoLTK RDF survey. More than likely no such survey was sent, and the plan still is to not implement RDF.

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Is this true or has it been debunked? Usually when surveys like this are sent out, like the one referencing cataclysm classic, it’ll be posted on wowhead or streamers will talk about it, but I haven’t seen anything about this. Unless I just missed it.

Lol didn’t read your post before making mine.

and guess what, we dont have to use lfr if we choose not too and it wont change how i game or my guild games.

I mean, no one asked for Raid Finder, but honestly, I’m okay with it.
Release Raid Finder as normal-mode only and not nerfed Raid Finder difficulty. Same stuff FF14 does and its community doesn’t cry and whine about how queueing for raids ruined their game. Make Raid Finder the exact same thing everyone else plays and it’s not going to be a problem.

I mean, I would rather it not be there at all. :slight_smile: But if it’s there, I’ll use it. Just don’t give us MORE easy content, Blizz. Wrath raids are already piss easy. Un-nerf Ulduar (except for bugfixes), give us RDF. Keep heirlooms in the game. Thanks.

FFXIVs community is just more mature. They have hardcore elitist players. You know what they do? They stick to their hardcore elite content and enjoy it. On the other hand WoWs hardcore elitists need you to know they are better than you, and they want you to know by denying you access to the content.


And if they get into a group where they’re unhappy, 90% of the time they just leave and that’s it. No flaming or insults just drop group and move on.

Its ironic that the community there is more mature lmao, but it does seem to be, at least on my data center.

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its real I got one as well. I thought he was full of shiz myself tbh

No, they show up on wowhead almost immediately, the one that was sent was a Cata survey. The only thing NOT on the survey was RDF.

Legit not even mentioned, but LFR was. Getting ready to see the slippery slope fallacies about RDF leading to and creating LFR be blown away if they add it into Cata Classic lmao.

Stay on dead tbc servers then


What retail guys made classic? LOL just wondering

Dead tbc servers? Benediction alone looks more alive than Retail as a whole lmao