Survey about RDF *excited*

yes, it kills your ability to hr loot

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My point being stay on tbc servers if you hate rdf which there is no reason to hate it

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Yup the anti rdf crowd are the people that just want to gatekeep

  1. Why would he do that? If he hates RDF, he can still play and enjoy Wrath, as Wrath doesn’t have plans to add in RDF.
  2. No such thing as TBC servers.
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Point went over your head sir also they will more then likely add it in as it should be since it was in wrath regardless of what patch it was #nochanges if they don’t just confirms how ignorant and out of touch they are

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Elaborate the point then and how it went “over my head” please.

What do you think this quote means then? Why would they say “no plans” if they are “more then likely” to add it it?

We embraced #SomeChanges years ago. did you not get the memo?

I hate it because I much prefer WoW’s gameplay, and yet I just keep getting pushed away because people here are so… sigh.


When we get into mid to later phases and dungeons are harder to get yea I see it added also remember the majority want rdf at some point or in some form also this lfg tool is straight up garbage. Really? Some changes was only minor things for tbc which has only been out for what 18 months? Not years ago.

Agree 100% ff14 storytelling is better imo but gameplay wise it’s just not as good also their community is way better.

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No Stealthboned. You’re not answering my questions. My questions again:

How do you know what the majority wants?

Why is it “garbage”?

Are you… are you forgetting the changes to Classic Vanilla? You just conveniently leaving that out or what? It’s been #SomeChanges from the very start. Years ago Stealthboned. Why complain about it now after years?

I am all for this. Just to watch the Classic Andys meltdown in real time on these forums.

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One thing about wow is the UI is just so much better than any other mmo I’m played. It’s hundreds of times better than the Elder Scrolls and better than FX14. It makes the game play so much better. All it needs is an addon like bartender to move the bars around.


Oh yeah, this so much. I’m not in favor of adding raid finder but I would laugh so hard if they added rdf and raid finder to wrath.


Honestly, I don’t think this survey has happened. But if it has, I will put strongly agree for all of them for one reason, GDKP/RMT. These things can combat this in a lot of ways and it’s easier for blizzard to snipe these people doing this.

If RDF was done right, it would have to be the 10man version. This is the only way I can see it work “correctly” instead of it being it’s own thing.

when did this survey get sent out? I did not get the survey!

I doubt this survey actually went out. But if it did it would be like all the other surveys they send out which is to say they send it to only a few people and its ultimately meaningless.

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i put in a ticket for why i didnt get my survey… waiting on a response. EVERYONE who didnt get said survey should submit a ticket, i would bet the response you get will be something like “we never issued a survey”

Thats right! the people who dont want it just left. Like me. I was in the 1% that killed t5 and t9S in ARR while it was current content. FFXIV is a great game, but its not for me, because the queuing for everything ruins the game for me. Its why im here, and why i dont understand that you want WOTLKC To be a worse FFXIV, when its something unique right now.

And blizzard through its statements agrees with me.

Its okay for a game to not be made for you. I didnt whine and cry and gnash my teeth on the FFXIV forums when i left. And you dont need to here <3

Till I see screenshots of this survey, I’ll just assume this is a troll post.


It is, and it’s confirmed to be a troll post. Mods should have deleted it.

If you want to see real surveys, just look at wowhead. They get copies of every survey Blizz has ever sent out, and none of them asked about RDF.