Survey about RDF *excited*

I think I already posted on this one. Definitely worth a bump then imo

You guys are definitely excited to talk about RDF. I agree with that.

No one needs to be here. We all choose to be here. Those who want rdf are here to keep reminding blizzard that a significant part of their players base want rdf

Was the survey about RDF or cata classic? That is the question on peoples minds

I think this was about cata but cata was sorta a referendum on RDF so……

How did the survey turn out? I can not wait to hear. It must have really impacted the course of the game by now.

I didn’t…

Isn’t this like:

Dear Mr Friend:

Buzzard wants to implement RDF but we need you bank account information.

SURVIVOR is destroying the community

You spelt increase wrong, but that’s ok you are obviously stressed


Thats actually funny because if there wasn’t a re released classic there wouldnt be a retail now.

Classic literally saved retail.

Another bomb ghost town retail expansion without something good after wotlk and the face of wow as you know it will change forever and you won’t like it.

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The shelf life has already decreased significantly and will get worse in what, a week or two when DF comes out? I rarely see more than two actual players in the world on my server.

You were both wrong on this.

But this 100% right

Even if LFR existed in classic again, it only appeals to casuals that don’t raid.

Who would waste their lock out on low ilvl gear? Only casuals.

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Hard no to raid finder.

Thread from September and extremely fake.

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Man I hope so. I clear every raid on 10 and 25 man on friday and saturday night. Now I’m leveling alts and I’d like fast dungeons.

Nope and I have all the quarterly reports as factual evidence bud. You just don’t know how to read them or probably where to even find them.

BFA bombed hard. SL bombed hard. They lost 30% of their sub base during covid!! DURING COVID… You know that time period which most of you were forced to STAY HOME lol.

Classic HAD to be pushed out in a hurry to save the sinking ship. We now arrive at WOTLK losing crazy subs because they botched the hell out of arena and left one of the most popular additions to wow in it’s history in RDF.

No alts are being played, raid logging is happening. Arena is dead. Starting teams at zero in S5 = fire the guy that decided this asap.

Dragon flight beta was atrociously bad. Most of us don’t even know the release date, let that sink in.

Whatever comes after wotlk has to be something great. NOT RETAIL, NOT CATA CLASSIC>

It needs to be something like classic + with pvp gear on par with pve gear at the same obtainable rate. Rated bgs, arena, world pvp all wrapped into 1 while pve’rs can still do their thing would be great.

It’s so easy to get this right. I could work at blizzard for a couple of months and give them the winning formula to build off of. Its all here in black and white in the forums, on EVERY forum EVERYWHERE.

What is the issue? Egos? Money? Time? Who knows but they better figure it out.

You know you can talk to someone without insulting them or their intelligence.
I am fully aware of what the reports said but classic did not “Save” wow, it merely inflated the subs, there is a huge difference, but hey thanks for well you know…

Who is “most of us”? Dragonflight releases November 28th. Less than two weeks from now. I have no intention of playing it, but I know some people that are legitimately excited for it.

I’d imagine they are using some sort of gear scaling, and that’s how they are changing ilvl of Ulduar ToC & ICC.

If they can scale it up, they can scale it down.