Suramar bots map location 55.44 57.34

Suramar bots map location 55.44 57.34 three-bots have completely overtaken this area for the last 4 days I would like to be able to farm this area as well !!! I don’t think it’s unreasonable to not have Bots completely monopolizing an area , or maybe you could just send me some of the gold that I can’t make because of the area I want farm is completely monopolized by Bots that you guys will not ban … lol yeah right

Coming here only solves one thing us telling you to right click and report there was a recent ban wave in clasics of banning bots in the 50k+ range yes it does work just takes time not as fast as some would like but it does happen if u look at all the people complaining about being banned posts is any indication.


I have right clicked and reported them for the last 6 days

could just be a multiboxer, nothing against those. Some of these guys sit in the one spot for hours.


Good, that’s all you can do. The investigation etc will take considerably longer. Blizzard also isn’t going to ban bots here and there. They do the ban wave thing for a very good reason.


The CS forum isn’t for reports, it’s basically a front desk. The blues here ain’t able to take actions because you posted on the forums. More to the point, the people who look into this kind of thing don’t come to the forums and the blues here won’t pass it along for you.


Well I mean your expecting an instant ban from Blizz, so… Just report, it might take weeks or months till they are gone if they are an actual bot. I mean theres a guy who literally multiboxes about 90+ accounts and his fav spot is in Suramar. But before Blizz bans anyone they break the bot first. That takes time.


This is the Customer Support forum. It is a player-helping-player forum with Blizzard oversight and moderation. The SFAs here are not part of the team that investigates bots, nor are they liaisons with them. You can not report bots on the forum.

You report bots using the right-click>report option. That method includes all the log files needed for the investigation. If you have additional information about the botting activity, screen shots, or video, you can send it to

If you are not making gold it’s on you. There is more than one area to farm things in Suramar. The area is not exclusively yours.

Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.


I do, but you don’t seem to.

I never claimed to be. That’s your label. All I did was provide information. No one on the forum is going to do anything about your bot report. That is not their job. They are not going to pass on information about your bot report. That is not their job.

Six days is not enough time for them to even get to your first report. If that group only takes reports from WoW, that is still from over 200 retail realms in NA and all the Classic realms. With the influx of players because of lock-downs, there are a lot more reports for them to go through than normal. Working from home also impacts how fast some things are handled.

If you really, really, tunnel-vision need to farm in that location, try war-mode.

It’s cute that you are using that phrase, but your misunderstanding of what this means is obvious.


Living up to your toon name isn’t going to help anything, nor will posting in a player help player forum.

You’ve done all you can with reporting anyone you suspect as botting, that’s the best thing to do.


Blizzard strives to have the biggest impact they can when they fight botting and exploitative third-party programs. Thus they look for how the programs are able to work on their servers to begin with, which can take a while. They also look for accounts using such programs (beyond ones that were reported), which can be complicated by criminals who’re just hopping through accounts and don’t have any attachment to them. Blizzard also doesn’t want innocent accounts to be hit, you see.

This kind of investigation is important, because it puts the software in question out of commission for a while. Not permanently, I’m afraid. That’s not how the world works. Criminals will crime as long as money’s to be made. But regardless, it does have a large impact, and that’s followed by the ban waves.

And no, Blizzard does not allow accounts using software like this to exist so they can collect the subscription fees. The majority of people using these programs do not pay Blizzard anything, and often steal accounts or activate dead accounts, ultimately resulting in chargebacks.


so what you’re saying is you need to report stuff if you want action to be taken and I shouldn’t report any problems I have in the forum called (customer support.) because the customer support forum is not where you go for support. clearly I was massively mistaken and don’t understand the simple concept of customer support thank you for correcting me , an enlightening me with your pure genius . I don’t know what I was thinking that if I reported them in game and reported them on the forums that maybe all these reports would have an accumulative effect and action could eventually be taken. it’s not like I’ve been playing this game for 14 years or something

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it’s okay silly trolls I understand now World of Warcraft is for Bots !!!

It’s not like you are the only one.

No one said that. What we told you is the proper way to report them. The forum is not that way, at all. None of us are responsible for you not understanding that.

The Customer Support forum is not for “I’m a customer, support me.” It is a player-helping-player forum with Blizzard oversight and moderation. It is not a bypass to the ticketing system, which is what you appear to be trying by bringing a bot report to the forum.

Thank you for noticing.

Reporting in-game is all that is needed. You will likely never see instantaneous removal unless you happen to report just as the ban-wave is going through. You wouldn’t want to be banned just on the say-so of another player, without a thorough investigation. Why do you feel that others aren’t entitled to the same consideration?


I think Ruffle has this one on lock down, but perhaps read the sticky post at the top of the thread OP?



You were mistaken, yes.

I’d recommend reviewing the stickies provided at the top of the forum section. They outline the purpose of this forum and what you can expect to see discussed here:

They do not. As mentioned in the sticky:

So the best way to bring attention to players who you believe are cheating is to use the in-game tools developed expressly for that purpose.

You were also provided with an alternate way to report bots (also covered on the support article I previously linked) if you had additional information you wanted to provide to the game team.

I’m going to go ahead and locked this thread now. I think all that needed to be said has been.