Sunwell Plateau Raid feels like a slog when it shouldn't

This raid is unlike any other raid in TBC. Forcing your raid comp to go from 5 healers to 6-7 healers to meet the crazy healing requirements throughout the various boss fights, primarily Twins phase 1, Muru phase 2, and to some extent Brutallus. We’ve progressed well, since SWP release 2 weeks ago, reaching KJ this week. But, in Sunwell Plateau’s current state, having to re-clear through the bosses we’ve already fought, SWP just feel like a complete slog of a chore to get through compared to Hyjal or Black Temple progression.

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it’s odd to see someone just realizing something that was already realized 15years ago, anyway it’s not up to me to blame anyone if they’re lazy to be ready for the very known raids coming ahead and nothing within it should surprise you, But just to say PTR was up for weeks & your guild could’ve arranged everything in there to be prepared.

you could copy your characters or just get free full bis any class and test comps…etc

it’s not rare to see people clearing swp in first 1hour, what should be rare is to see people who didn’t do that. “unless they don’t even care about raiding”


Finally a raid that is challenging!


Still lots of people doing blind classic runs, alot of people played other games or where too young for classic when it launched.


Why is it a problem that you can’t just faceroll the raid?


We’re in Pre-Nerf. Once it goes to the nerfed state, you’ll have your cruisy version, just like SSC/TK was.

We’ll once we get enough gear we can take out the extra healers, SWP gear is leagues above BT/MT gear.

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And do what with them? Sorry we don’t need you anymore, good luck!? Telling people that were absolutely crucial to progression that they are now on the bench just straight up feels bad and it is bad design.


I’m actually shocked that there’s now a thread complaining about the challenges in Sunwell.

We just spent a year complaining that everything has been faceroll. 100s of guilds have already full cleared sunwell. My guild just got a KJ kill last night.

This is fine. It’s fun to have to think and make important choices on the fly to down content.

Go away, troll.


then don’t? lol, if u can clear it with 7 then why clear it with 6?

Only half the guilds that cleared BT have even killed a boss in sunwell. Just over 10% of the guild’s that cleared BT have killed KJ. Those numbers are not healthy for rereleased content. The risk of further reduction in playerbase is rising by the day which will be a very bad thing for wrath. Tier 2 servers will be dead servers by wrath launch at this rate.


Lol, it was supposed to be a tough raid.

Anyway, I never cared for it, much. Black Temple felt like a appropriate ending to TBC. Sunwell felt like an afterthought.


only 10% of guilds that cleared an easy raid over 4 months have managed to kill a much harder raid after not even 2 resets, that sounds like what it should be, 10% is quite a lot


WEll it was… Wrath was late and they needed to tide people over. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now

I’d be more concerned with half only being able to kill a single boss. That is where you lose people

So you’re complaining that you cant faceroll the dungeon. Lol


They can wait for post-nerf.

this has been a thing since… forever? why complain now

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Sunwell is a bonus raid for people that want a challenge. Wrath is just around the corner, feel free to take a break until then.


Well, my guild went from 2 raids to one for SWP. When we no longer need as many healers they’ll shift to the other raid, for guilds that don’t run 2 raids I don’t know what will happen but this is what’s happening for my guild.

My guild cleared it week 1 and next week I think we’re going to be going back to 2 raids.