Sulfuras Allies abuse mass report to auto ban Scarab Lords

A certain Sulfuras Alliance guild has been attempting to control the Scarab Lords on our server Sulfuras by griefing the quest chains. During the green scepter questline (incredibly griefable), Sulfuras Alliance has been trying to shut down Horde boss attempts.

To counter this, every Horde guild that had completed their grind gathered together to zerg the boss down. When all 200 Horde rushed into them, our future Scarab Lord DC’d instantly. Sulfuras Alliance mass reported him to the extent that he was automatically banned and received a 7 day ban just as the boss was pulled. Because of this, he will not be able to finish the scepter quest chain when time is of the essence. We stayed and killed The Corruptor twice for the two other Scarab Lords, and even went into Stormwind with them so that they could get the page safely, but we could not do this for our guild.

Due to the time constraints of the grind it is incredibly important to us that this ban is overturned as fast as possible. We have put countless hours into this grind and it is unbelievable that it could all be completely ripped from us because of this. We were even worried about this happening and tried to hide who our Scarab Lord was. False reporting is a serious issue especially in time gated events such as this grind. I hope that Blizzard CS sees this as soon as possible so that we can resume our grind.

There is both a screencap of a conversation between an Amnesty(Horde) member and a member from the Sulfuras Alliance guild that we believe is heavily responsible, and a video of the ban right when the boss is pulled but unfortunately links are not allowed here. There is a reddit thread with the same title as this one you can look at for yourself for the links.


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Can we get a blizzard response on this? This should be a bannable offense.


They’ve had to be. The event is designed to last 6-8 weeks, not 10 days.

If Blizzard had done the right thing and changed ANYTHING it would have been better. Even a flat out gating would have solved the griefing and collusion.

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Blizzard could easily fix this by making the entire event be an attunement which can be done by anyone that gets to 60 but no theyd rather waste time changing stuff like the ectoplasmic device which is already going against the true nature of how vanilla was but yet theyre staying silent while various guilds and servers are purposely disrupting the play of others simply to deny them the chance at the black bug mounts

this is a new low by Blizzard to sit back and allow this kind of behavour and do nothing


That is not how the system works. If enough people report you, you get an automatic squelch. This will disconnect you from the game initially, in order to restrict your chat while a GM reviews the case. You can still continue to play the game, you just can’t use chat.

GMs are the only ones that can issue suspensions or silences. So, what likely happened is your friend was mass reported, and a GM found something that was worth a 7 day suspension. That, or your friend is violating the EULA in another way.

If your friend thinks he was unjustly banned, he should submit an appeal.


Everyone that did that should get a 2 week suspension. Also why is there an auto ban anyway?


All evidence to the contrary…i have seen video of people getting the 7 day ban from right click report.


Can you share the link?

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I dropped the discord with the link sadly…but if you remember the fiasco with the gm who banned somebody for a streamer because he got his world buffs dispelled, after the guy got his ban lifted he went back to dispelling in org. Except this time he put a /yell in his macro for dispelling. a bunch of horde reported him and he got auto banned for 7 days while he himself was streaming/recording. maybe that will help you find it.

They aren’t going to reply to it cause they don’t care about how people get to scarab lord, they just want something to throw up when it happens.

Haven’t seen the video, but let’s say it exisits and that your description is 100% true.

What did his /yell say? He spammed it in a chat channel? How long was he doing it for?

How does he know that the horde mass reported him? How does he know that’s what triggered his ban, and it wasn’t just a GM?

This “evidence” is questionable. There is no system in place that allows for players to be automatically banned if they receieve enough reports. It just doesn’t exisit, ask any blue and they will verify.

you know what you can do in retaliation?
you could get 200 rogues/druids together and right-click report all of them at once from stealth mode, from which you can’t be reported because they can’t see you, and then they’ll all get a 7 day ban
just make sure none of the rogues/druids are secretly working for said allies

its not like blizzard will do anything about it anyway


his /yell said “blame -insert streamers name here-”
it was generally known how he got banned because on bigglesworth the priest in question is well known and has friends on both factions. Through word of mouth on the server discord is how people pieced together he was banned for the macro. The speed in which he was banned from him starting the macro/dispells is why we are all pretty sure it was an auto ban…unless a GM was directly watching him(which i HIGHLY doubt) there is no other way the reports would have been reviewed so quickly.

Then he should submit an appeal, I seriously doubt that he got automatically banned just because he hit a certain number of reports.

It has been reaffirmed numerous times by blues that you can’t get automatically banned from reports, and that a GM must review the case. It is impossible otherwise. I’m going to trust CMs over this story.

yeah like the guy that got banned for dispelling all because a streamer asked a GM to do so so how long did they review that guys case?

Yeah i get how it would sound, but i saw it all go down with my own eyes/ears as it all played out. From the original ban to the ban being lifted…to the very next day getting banned from right click reports as well. the video wouldn’t help much without the backstory anyways i dont think as it just shows him going to rez in org and getting booted offline and him saying “wtf i just got banned again???” but those of us who know everything that happened also know the right click report can 100% get you auto banned.

Tbh they should have changed the amounts and what resources were required for the war effort - would have made it more true to vanilla since no one know what was required beforehand


No it can’t, stop propagating misinformation.

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Mistakes happen. Doesn’t mean they are the norm. 99% of the time, when players claim they got banned for nothing on these forums, a CM has to dunk on them and expose how they were account sharing.

I prefer to adhere to probability over my emotions.

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