Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

I’ll be your female fel guard. :heart:

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People dont seen to understand what equality is. This thread shows that, the womens soccer team lawsuit shows that and these talk shows like “The Talk” and “The View” show it as well.

Equality means a balanced equation essentially 1=1. So if people are fighting for equality then it needs to be exactly that.

Female felguard needs to be introduced as well if equality is desired… but its not its shame womens bodies through blaming men and objectifying mens bodies who really dont care that they are objectified so the only real people being punished are women.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I simply disagree; I don’t think many women feel shamed by the succubus based on what I’ve read, but I clearly don’t want to speak for the majority. I’m a woman and it’s never really bothered me. But I am glad an incubus is coming; that’ll look really cool.

You dont speak for all women, but clearly people want the succubus removed because of her sexiness not understanding that a succubus is a demon of lust that uses her body and sexiness to suck the life out of men.

“Succubus is sexist please remove” is still in the title is shaming something sexy and blaming men as the reason why it should be removed because we cant control ourselves apparently.

Why should the incubus be introduced in terms of lore? Where are they? If its to do it to balance the equation then female felguard has to be introduced as well for no apparent lore reason.

I said that right here:

I don’t disagree with you. I’m saying that I think the incubus is a good addition.

Because it’s cool. Also blizzard has long since listened or followed their own lore.

I already offered to be yours :heart:

So why are they introducing the incubus? The cool factor or because they think the succubus is sexist and there needs to be a counterpart to it or it be removed.

If its either of those then where is the female felguard for the same reason? Oh right the felguard isnt sexist because its a man. So tired of hypocrites and people with crap arguments.

Hopefully this.

Not this.

Are you referring to me?

If its not because the succubus is seen as sexist then why is that the main reason for this entire argument of this thread? Its in the title.

And im talking about an entire group of people that have no idea what equality actually is.

I disagree with the entire thread and disagree with the succubus being sexist. Did you think I did? Because I’m going to be honest, I’m not really sure which side you’re coming from.

If they are going to make a male counterpart to the succubus for equality then they need to make a female counterpart to the felguard for the same reason. Thats the side. If people want equality then there needs to be equality end of story.

Thats not what people actually want though. They just want it their way. Its almost like the people that are saying these things are sexist are sexist against the very thing that they are saying others are sexist about. Lets remove sexy women from the game is sexist.

You might not agree with that, but you were talking about the incubus removing a lot of the sexism that could have existed with the succubus so its a little confusing on if you just think its a cool addition or if you think its removing sexism that the thread is claiming to exist.

I think that the addition of the incubus might settle a lot of people who think that the succubus is sexism because now there is a male counterpart. I don’t think the succubus is sexist and I’m excited for the incubus. I was stating that the point of the thread has been solved by the OP who created it, who I think may have done so to stir drama. A solution has been proposed.

The Succubus is inherently female; that’s how they work. The Incubus is their male counterpart. The inclusion is including them both.

There is, afaik, nothing stating the gender of a felguard or whether they have male / female counterparts. That’s an apples to oranges comparison.

Just because there is a mythical counterpart to the succubus doesnt mean that they are in the warcraft universe. I have yet to see an incubus in game anywhere.

Also, if you cant see that the felguard is male then go take an anatomy class and learn about the different bone structures between the sexes. The felguard is clearly male so your argument is just a justification for you for them to not add in more female options.

I had yet to see a Void Elf until last expansion and yet they are there :smiley: they can be added.

I don’t think literally anyone here has stated they are opposed to female felguard. I think you’re beating this horse even though no one is disagreeing with you.

It wont settle that thought of sexism because that thought of sexism is going to continue to exist because they see women being objectified as bad but men being objectified as alright and nothing wrong with it.

I find the incubus and succubus powerful demons and in lots of folklore and ancient myth, they are the ones in control. They are beings with control over themselves. I like their lore a lot.

It creeped me out when I was a 9 yr old girl bc I liked girl characters more in games(crash’s sister, Amy/blaze, princess peach) but she was obviously made to look like that for diff purpose to appeal to other ppl playing a warlock but I just stopped caring at some point

(basically the same feeling i got when i saw rouge the bat’s existence)

I didn’t change the original part to be transparent. Sorry you don’t like it. Go troll somewhere else. Welcome to the ignore club. Buh bye.

The person that I responded to was making a reason as to why there shouldnt be a female felguard by stating that no one knows what the gender (in this instance used as a synonym for sex) the felguard is and in not knowing that you cant argue for a male or female counterpart.

That sounds like an opposition to me.

Also, void elves are just blood elves/high elves that are void corrupted. Its not even the same comparison since the incubus doesnt exist anywhere in game or in lore.

The actual incubus lore however is pretty bad. Its pretty ugly, and it takes advantage of sleeping women and not actually seducing them. Basically, they are a word that I cant actually type into these forums, but they are sexual assaulters. So why should that be put into the game?

I’d support a more feminine felguard!