Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

What the heck is this

incubi. swole-male-thing with a whip is the first thing that came to mind

Ah ok I got ya

Changing your original post and title to make it seem you are fine with the incubus at the last minute does not mean you “won”. After all, the Succubus will still exist.


I updated it multiple times throughout the course of the conversation. Blizzard has addressed the issue and has implemented changes that were overwhelming suggested as a compromise in this thread. I conceded that they were good ideas to create parity, and do not take credit for the ideas themselves. Aside from all the attacks on me, there were some who chose to give genuine feedback, and it appears that the feedback was acted upon. Therefore, I consider that a win.

It’s absolutely a bait and troll thread, and a blatant one at that.

We enacted real change in the game. What have you done?

You demanded the removal from the game of a sexist representation of a subservient female sex object, but decided a “good compromise” was to add yet another representation of a subservient sex object?



It wasn’t my recommendation. Nice selective reading there. I didn’t even take credit for the suggestion.

If you’d actually read the thread, you’d know that.

Don’t try to troll me.

Edit: since you’re being disingenuous, welcome to the ignore list.

Are the glyphs freely available?

I’m just curious why we’re given a succubus by default, but if we want an incubus we’ll have to work for it, or buy it on the AH for gold.

Seems sexist.

There should just be a customization tool for warlock pets (like at the barber for players), added at the warlock stable where you keep the demons you subjugate. Better solution imo

There is another really good thread about warlock stables. Hopefully we will see something along those lines, it’s a really cool idea.

As for the glyph, at least inscription gets a win.

Never used that profession, few others as well. Just seems like professions are pointless. They got a purpose in SL but the resource grind is balanced for bots.

I love the hunter for the pets, having a stable on warlocks would be fun. My main complaint right now is the lack of variability in pets. Very few have unique traits, mostly boils down to type. Classic was better there.

It’d be great to see customization expansions, appearances and utility.

Not sure if you’ve seen this or not, but give it a like if you get the time!

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Much better than fruit bowls

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they won’t follow the stupid idea of removing the succubus, and they’ll even add an inccubus. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The incoming incubus removed a lot of the sexism that could have existed with a succubus. I think this thread has been solved. It’s a win; nothing is being removed, but things are being added.

Exactly my point

That’s Exactly my point

“Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming”

no, that’s not your point al all…

Then I want a sexy female felguard to keep things equal. You have the succubus and a shirtless buff felguard right now, now im guessing some shirtless buff incubus, shirtless buff felguard so where is the female counterpart to the felguard?