Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Cop that. Sit.

Soon to be reality.

Those aren’t adult.

They are legally allowed to drink, they are legally allowed to vote, many of them are probably raising kids… and in many other aspects of life are probably very calm. By most definitions - they are adults.

But that one area - they have extreme passion which they act out. That does not discount them as adults.

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I’m saying that your sucks just that.

Because nothing at all I will come to believe your opinion of CONSCIENCE knowing that there are people who would harm others just for the fact of being fashionable and trendy.

We’re getting an Incubus, I won

Remember to support warlock stables

OP can delete this dumb thread now.


Quiet, and silence, leave the rest of the Warlocks pets alone.

You do not want to use demons that offend you or profane your integrity, you are Affliction or Destruction.


The Imp is naked. It offends me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You sure can ask. Weather you pay a fee monthly or something to her will probably decide how much she really cares tho. If she thought her paycheck was on the line she’s probably change without you asking a thing.

The real question is will the ability Seduction be replaced??

I do not feel comfortable being "Seduced" by any creature in World of Warcraft or at Blizzard.


I do not think, in both versions between a seductive nightmare in the legends, both will have the same way of seducing their rivals, which is the only thing that will change a versatile and diverse appearance.

We will probably see Belfs on hooves, and nothing to do with a Satyr that would have nothing to do with the style we know, something like that in the same way as a succubus but in man.

I hate to bump this, but for the benefit of the hapless Blizz employee that has to monitor sad pathetic threads like these…

  • How many unique accounts support the OP’s commandment,

  • How many unique accounts are vehemently against this sort of self-flagellating censorship?

(I would include some percentage of the ‘likes’ so some degree as well in the counting).

From a very cursory look at this thread over the last month or so, I would say it has got to be something like 12 to 1 against the OP, and I feel that this is a very conservative estimate. Is there anyone good at this kind of thing able to more accurately evaluate a thread such as this? Must be an algorhythm somewhere on the interwebs for this.

and for the TLDR crowd: I am 100% absolutely AGAINST removing the Succubus as she is. As a matter of fact, I’d say bring back the less clad original artwork!
Viva La Artistic Expression!


Concur with you Addonis. I suspect a lot of the posts of people for this were duplicates of the OP. Perhaps the best way to curtail this sort of thing would be to allow only 1 like per account? That way people like him Talonel, WickedWahine, and others can’t inflate their support by switching toons and ‘liking’ themselves.

Also on a happier not, it looks like we’re getting more demon options, not less. Glad that the peanut-gallery’s demands for the removal of a core-part of a class was denied.

With that in mind, I’d suggest that this thread be closed on the basis that it serves no further use for the forums now that Blizzard has given their answer to the matter.


okay you’re still not actually saying anything intelligible so I’m going to assume you huff paint and throw dung on the forums.

Please close this terrible thread.


Incorrect assertion

This thread was instrumental in resolving the succubus dilemma

Link? I’ve been AFK.

Here you go