Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Guess what else you can call a she. Dogs, cats, cows, ships, planes… demons.

Guess what none of those are. A woman.


Nor that they are covered all over the body, like an Amish, or like a Taliban, that is, a stupid puritan who hates his horrible body, who is afraid to see the flesh and his own body that they gave us with such beauty.

That he fears his defects as is, and he does not tolerate being as he is.

That is why you also have no connection in what reality, in fact you do not even think of a CONSCIOUS puritanism knowing that everything is for your own fashion and tendency to your own vanity no matter what damage they are causing.

Did you just compare succubus to a cat?

Are you agreeing with me or disagreeing with me here?

Let’s trolling, right?

I can compare with your avatar, both are “she” and both are a pixel sack.

My cat is “ultrasexist”, she always goes naked !!!

Also, here he is comparing her to a woman.

Perhaps a succubus is a woman?

Like a child being told it’s bed time.

says you, after having tantrum after tantrum on this site and threatening to tattle when you get criticised.

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Yes you often act that way.


Do you quote people out of context?

As you were.

Nothing was out of context. You started this crap. Don’t come in here and attempt a piss poor insult if you can’t handle having it thrown back in your face.

omg stop bumping this thread

just mute it

thats not the point im trying to make.

I pointed out that you would be behaving like a child. Instead you’re also acting like a child now with that pathetic use of foul language.

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Throwing something isn’t acting like a child. Neither is saying “piss poor.” No child I know has ever said that extremely old phrase. You keep grasping at straws to try to insult me and failing.

Go troll somewhere else.

When it’s in regards to pixels in a video game it is. I wouldn’t even do that if Blizzard made outwardly homophobic characters in the game (that we weren’t able to kill). I would simply unsubscribe.

Take your own advice!

Wrong again. As usual. And if you can’t recognize sarcasm, you have some reading comprehension to brush up on.

I’m not the one coming into a thread specifically to try to insult someone. That’s all you. Poor attempt.

You do realize I was being sarcastic right?
This is an embarrassing moment for you.

Adults start riots over the results of soccer games all over the world.

If simply being passionate enough to get angry over something you love being ruined in your eyes is childish - then we should all be children about something.

LOL backpedaling now that you were called out? How pathetic.

Nope. Just you. Your trolling failed. Goodbye.

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