Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

We’ve already been gutted enough.

I’m looking at you demon hunters…

The only thing my warlock has going for him right now is his succubus.

The damage is terrible, the rotation is not enjoyable, and he dies all the time to trash.

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Dying to trash is on you, the tank, and healer

Isn’t the entire warlock class bad? You’re enslaving other living creatures against their will and forcing them into a contract?

Or did they change the class quests? Back in classic they had to defeat the demon and then drive it into submission.

So why not take it a step further and delete the class? :roll_eyes:


I addressed this 2,345 posts ago.

Nah with Luuni here now. You are ok with all the changes so I think they are right. The class is completely wrong, you control other beings, they submit. All bad.

Delete Warlock/Hunters figured they should get the ax too they control animals against their will as well.

Who knows, maybe they are next?

Remove the warlocks, Even tho I have a fresh 60 lock. I think we should remove the people who hinder our forums with this trash they call “what is right and I -know- what is best for you.”

The dude uses his lock more than I do. And if you were brainy, the succubus already had 3 changes in appearance. YOU have to go out and find it. Think they had an appearance change in Legion. I wanted the change of appearance for my lock who i was maining during legion - but I wasn’t around as much, due to months in the hospital (sicky sick ick).
We do not need to change anything. People who complain about "Objectifying (insert favorite thing they are offended by here), then complain why there is no (insert so and so here) representation.
You can actually delete the warlock if you are offended, and become a uhm… well… leave wow… because each class has something that isn’t exactly “woke”.

Warlocks are the best for pvp. LOL if you have the correct pvp setting. they can literally stop the attacker from landing a crit. YOU KNOW how bad that is for a fire mage? LOL… horrid… i had a duel with a friend and she cleaned my clock cause everything was casting didnt crit. and i do believe crit is what makes my firespells insta-cast. lol.

There you are! I thought you’d go into hiding after I brought receipts of you saying

“If you call people names you lost the argument”

After name calling the entire thread.

Why should anyone take you seriously if you’re going to flip flop from one post to another?

Also we need to delete the Forsaken.

The Forsaken stem from corpses being risen against their will. The race needs to be deleted. It’s wrong for the game.


Goblins are also an anti-Semitic trope that’s gotta go.

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No one takes you serious. Only other cancel culture dweebs. I went to bed, you know? and then work, not everyone can force their mate to work while you stay home on the forum all day, pushing your narrative about what you believe should be canceled.
I understand though, girl with whip bad, but boy with whip is okay!!!
Are you telling us something!? Welcome to the club man. I been bi for 30 years! (found out when I was 5).

Flip flop? that’s your opinion. Can I link more Bugs Bunny to offend you?

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Totally right! They should also remove male nipples all together.

Things that GOTTA GO:

Warlocks for their misogynistic and abusive summons.
Hunters for their animal abuse.
Forsaken for being raised against their will.
Goblins for anti-Semitism
Dranei because we all know what tentacles lead to in Japan.
Female Night Elves because that bounce is very suggestive.
And Male Humans because it’s body shaming skinny or obese males.



can they start with removing the Jailer’s nipples?

You contradicting yourself isn’t my opinion. It’s a fact that I demonstrated with your own words. Nice attempt at deflection though.

but but my nerples are fun Nipple shakey.
We need to cancel WOW all together, everything in it is bad. and this snowflake is offended by a lady with a whip. but not offended by the forced breeding of Alexstrasza by the Dragonmaw. WHERE WAS this dude then? When they found out that happened to mama Alex?!?! LOL.
I have a major dislike for people like OP, knows nothing about WoW lore, but can cancel culture it.

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I hope so.

Also cod pieces with bulges are offensive. I read in another thread they want to cancel breast shapes in female armor, so I think that should go too!

You either have poor reading comprehension or are deliberately picking and choosing what to acknowledge and what not to.