Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

How many of your Alts have I been going back and forth with in this thread

Come on michar. Don’t run away now.

Did you take some time to think about my last post? Talk to some women in your family about the entirety of the situation and not just your plight?

Do you think they’d be comfortable with what has happened here this past week?

Gonna be honest, they don’t care about world of Warcraft.

Found lokath’s alt

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Support Incubus!

Support warlock stables!

Support the succubus getting an outfit update from a 90s Madonna Cone Bra outfit because it’s been 30 years since she wore that and I think the reference is a bit ridiculous tbh!

What’s next, removal/banning of guns in video games because it perpetuates violence? All thanks to ppl like you

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You must be michar

Thank you for a sensible response.

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That would result in a change in mechanics… stun is a stun, seduction is an incapacitate… stuns can’t be broken by taking damage, incapacitates can be broken by taking damage.
Incapacitates can last over 10 seconds in some cases - stuns at max are 6 or 7.

There are also various racials that interact with stuns and incapacitates differently… which would alter pvp.

Also seduction prevents the succubus from doing anything else as its a channeled cast - I can’t think of any stun that needs to be channeled to maintain it.

May not be as difficult as it sounds. However, it’d be cool to put some cool armor on her and call it a day.

She’s arguably already wearing more armor than her male counter parts.


Put armor on all of them or make them customizable.

Customizable would indeed be more work.

stay the F*** away from my smexy lady you hear…
get out!!


Sorry but this is inevitable

I think removing paintings and minions and any other sort of censoring of women is putting the blame on women. Women are allowed to exist without being harassed, regardless of what they are or are not wearing.

I’d be happier if they showed they were taking more steps to ensure that the actually living women at their company are no longer being harassed in the workplace.

I also don’t want this censoring to continue until all we have are nun mogs. Again, women appearing sexual is not the problem here, and pretending it is is putting the blame on women instead of on the harassers who can absolutely choose to not harass, but choose to because it’s the women who will be held accountable for the actions of the harassers, rather than the harassers.

The game changes are empty gestures stemming from the wrong way of thinking.


Are you for real? Another riding on the backs of actual victims! How long have you kept paying them while this offended you? Why is profile hidden? Me thinks you like to cause drama.

Cancel. Leave. Go find a game that you enjoy and leave those you don’t. If you can’t be adult and do that why in the heck should anyone take any of you cover this up people seriously? Honest to Bob, actual bona fide woman here, want to know a sick fact?

I have seen more misogyny in these here forums these past few weeks than I ever encountered in my 17 years of playing. I find it gross how many of you actually exist. Why does my female form bother you so much?

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Interesting, or like I said you could. You see. I see this as a further attack on women’s rights, you think otherwise so I assume you are either a misogynistic person or a troll.

Their answer to SA/SH allegations is to cover the female form, you thinking that’s a good thing makes you so… . They are telling the world that they can’t control their urges so remove it, instead of addressing the real problem.

Much like you, you hate a bounce that has been here since day one and are telling me to go? Please, seek help in general, and tell the women in your life that covering them up is the only solution to SA/SH.

You come out with this during a hard time for women there. Riding on their trauma to push an agenda. You are gross, one of the worse kind of people in my book. Let their voices be heard not your fake offense.

But that’s common sense, and I know it’s hard to grasp for people like you.


Right back at you kiddo.

Do you carry on paying for everything that offends you? Asking for a friend, they shipped broken goods and could use a client that is that silly.

It’s time for warlocks as a class to hit the trash bin.
They are a representative embodiment of the sexist predatory evil that once filled the halls and cubicles of Blizzard HQ.

Plus Blizzard never really liked them anyways.

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