Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Here’s hoping!

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Well, demonology does exist outside of the game. Whether you believe in it or not, is another story.

And it’s the origin of almost all of our in-game warlock and demon lore


Anyways I’m off now, ciao, I’ll post about incubus and warlock stables tomorrow again :slight_smile:

Keep on fighting the good fight.

You kinda become just as cringe as he is, WOW demon is an alien, WOW’s orc is an alien, if you used the lore of outside source to justify it’s WOW counterpart, it should prove enough you don’t know what you’re talking about.

If i was just as cringe as Baalsamel i would link you Tolkien’s orc to argue about WOW’s orc.

I didn’t and I’ve said as much dozens of times.

You have too much time on your hands OP. Get a life/job.

I have a life.

I’m able to handle more than one thing at a time. It’s a grown up skill called multitasking.

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Grown ups don’t care about a fictional creature in a 15 year old game. Nice try though.

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Not to nitpick, but the game is closer to 17 years old if my math is correct.

Adults take responsibility to change things for the better , so that future generations can be more successful.

That’s what we are going here.

Putting our collective feet down and saying enough is enough.

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Yes… instead of curing cancer or fixing the monetary system you’re complaining about succubi in a 17 year old game forum in your mom’s basement…

This will surely be the enabler of future generations 5hed.

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I’m trying to change something that is within my power to possibly assist in happening.

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Just because you can change something doesn’t mean it’s worth the effort. This is meaningless. Do better.

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I think I’ll be on the right side of history on this one.

Um… yeah no history is being made here lol. You’re just triggered by a fictional creature that’s been in folklore for most of human history and are complaining on an internet forum…


I’m not triggered lol

The side of history that desperately needs to touch grass, maybe.

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I’m sure the same was probably said about all of the great thinkers in history.

Aristotle. Hawkings. Beethoven. Einstein.

You get the point

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If you try really hard, you might be on Ed Wood’s level.

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Well he had a movie at starring Johnny depp made about him. I guess that would be alright, but I look more like brad Pitt.