Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming


A succubus is a demon or supernatural entity in folklore, in female form, that appears in dreams to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. According to religious traditions, repeated sexual activity with a succubus can cause poor physical or mental health, even death. In modern representations, a succubus is often depicted as a beautiful seductress or enchantress, rather than as demonic or frightening. The male counterpart to the succubus is the incubus.

So Blizz decided to use the 600-700 year old folklore of a Succubus as one of the warlock demon pets with its special spell ‘Seduction’ which is a crowd control spell (CC). It decided to keep it demon looking. Removing this pet altogether means the warlock will not have a pet that can hard CC (biggest impact is in PvP I think). I am sure warlocks will not be happy with a removal of a pet option.

I think changing the sex of this demon to male (incubus) might be more ‘un-woke’ as you will be getting a male ‘Seducing’ and with lore leaning towards being sexual in nature.

So removal and sex change of demon in my opinion are not on the table.

Maybe change the appearance?

Succubus is fine. This a high fantasy MMORPG rated T for teen.

The rating is a result of:

Blood and Gore
Crude Humor
Mild Language
Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol

If this is stuff you cannot handle I suggest playing games rated E for everyone and below.


Did you vote early this weekend too?

No sadly. I am a dude, wait til the last gunshot. lol

I also wanted to state I totally agreed with the removal of the Succubus from Hearthstone , because it was rated 8+

You have to be joking. It’s a succubus. Okay.

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That would be bad, then some other woke tool will be here stating that the incubus wasn’t getting permission to stun female toons, and that in lore they are lovers without permission (best way to say it without ANOTHER Blizz ban hammer

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In an Alterac Valley earlier someone said something so foul that I had to take a moment to process it. That kind of stuff can’t be escaped. I’ve seen p*rn that wasn’t as bad as some of the things people decide to spontaneously say in chat.

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i am on moonguard, we could use Chris Hansen around the notorious Inn, if you fetch my drift. I love Mg Horde. its small, but i love the people I play with. we crack bad dad jokes and pvp or pve. or just shoot the breeze.

I have horde on moonguard lol I kind of left it after warmode became a thing though. Horde on MG have character.

I guess we know who doesn’t bring home the bacon in that family.

Lighten up, Francis.


Oh ya, defo the wifey.

They can’t…


No one. We are a meat free family.

Ur welcome

Is this a dig at French Canadians?

It’s an older reference - but it checks out.


Just when I thought things couldn’t get more offensive around here

I think they should offer players the option of summoning the succubus as-is, or a male incubus, so we can see how thoroughly the male version is ignored, and thus what an utter non-issue this woke crusade actually is.

Yeah that’s what I said earlier trufflegoat

you can’t ask people’s race on a us job form either. it’s a felony.