Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

How is it different? Its a master slave relationship with possible abuse… but because their blood relatives that’s okay?

No it’s not a master slave relationship. It’s called listening to your parents. By your logic all children are slaves. Slavery is outlawed in my country.

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Depends on the context - in the bible there are passages in which you can sell your daughter into slavery. Exodus 21 7… by old Christian standards - you could make the case that were wasn’t a difference between certain children and slaves.

how does this thread have so many replies? are you all trolling bliz now?

I want warlock stables and people like entertaining a troll talking about in-game demons than supporting warlock players ability to customize demons

Yes but when Jesus was born the Old Testament became the old law.

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There are plenty of things in the old testament that modern Christians will quote and use as part of their faith. Many pick and choose what counts. Others will say it all counts…

The fact is that it is in there. And parents at one point in time looked at their kids as potential slaves.

Not denying that at all.

Either way, slavery is still illegal in my country and I stand diametrically opposed to slavery.
I have a strong feeling we can at least agree on that.

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Real world actual slavery - absolutely against it.
Fictional slavery made with narrative purpose to tell an interesting story - depends on the story.

do you explode whenever you see anything anime like?


I love dragonball z

I think the op is sexist. Remove this post already blizz.

Warlocks summons a sausage party. leave the only demon who agreed to be apart of the warlock’s entourage alone. And if she wears sexy clothes. SO BE IT!!! I stated this first new part of this and will say it again to save TLDR. for people.


I’m not sexist

Right, you just have an opinion that women who dress sexy are requiring canceled.
She can’t think for herself, the poor little thing, we need to cancel her for her own good, because she needs to keep herself clothed, covered, not represented, and wear a full sleeve skirt. do not show your ankles, you hussy. LOL.

People mentioned earlier, and I could not reply, but they stated that they removed Succubus from Hearthstone. LOOK at hearthstones’s rating. its 8+… this isnt for 8 year olds.


I stopped at your first sentence because that’s a misrepresentation of what I’ve stated.

I thought all Canadians were nice?

Did you just make a generalization based of a person’s place of origin?
That sir is stereotyping which harmful and leads to racism.


Canadian isn’t a race it’s a nationality

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Want to run that by me again chief?

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Sure it’s not a race.

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“In the census, “Canadian” is now included as a choice for ethnic origins , because many people who have been here for several generations do not see themselves as linked to any other ethnic group.”