Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

No, your logic is flawed.

When the player plays the warlock, they have access to different skills. One of those skills is to summon creatures. Once the creature is summoned it becomes a part of the warlocks list of usable buttons. You mistake the succubus for a separate entity from the warlock. This is not valid.

The succubus is not master or servant, it just is.

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There are many old concepts and ideologies. Are you saying that if it’s ok’d it’s good?

There are many I can think of odd the top of my head that are really, really bad.

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It just is… subservient

I welcome you to make your own thread addressing issues that you perceive in the game.

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“… some men aren’t looking for anything logical”

Don’t mute them. If they don’t talk we won’t know how bad their ideas really are.

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Repeating one line doesn’t an argument make.

The way the system exists, the succubus isn’t an individual entity so you cannot instill onehood to the fictional representarion of a part of the player character.

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It’s the literal crux of the argument

“Sucubus should be removed cause sexist”

You do know the Sucubus is a folklore demon that uses it’s attractive apearence to seduce and trick men to steal their vitality/souls. They are eye candy in the same way an angler fish uses a bioluminescent organ to attract prey things to eat.

That said: I’m all for adding in the option (instead of a glyph) that would make it so getting your ‘cubi’ summon allows you to forge a contract with either a succubus or an incubus, and then the glyph option would be if you want to change that, otherwise they’d have the same stat lines, dif animations and looks, kinda like how Fel Imps and Imps are different.

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I know what the succubus is. I have no control of mythology.

I can make a difference in Azeroth though.

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Can you though? Do you think this single thread has swayed any minds on the Blizzard Campus to change or remove the Succubus?

Someone’s got a bit of a narsasistic ego. Thinking YOUR opinion alone makes something better…
Changes to a game are not based on a single irrational offense to something that has no issue.

Piggybacking off a scandal to push for you own misguided sense of social justice over a game mechanice to something that isnt sentient nor an actual victim but a creature willingly siding with the warlock becaause torment is fun.

Wows systems are limited so it acts as all lock pets and is treated equally as them.
You are imposing your own views of whats right and wrong onto this and turning it into an issue that doesnt really make sense as its not of reality nor of a thing that has any moral connections to reality as demons reguardless of appearance and form are creatures of malice and evil.

That you so defend the succubus shows in reality youd be the exact type of person she would prey and feed upon because your arguments show you to bare frail emotional response that only goes appearance deep thus youve been taken by the succubus and are now a slave to her bidding.

The irony isnt lost but this crusade is irrational and illogic theres nothing wrong with this npc but your erasure of things purely over it being something YOU cant deal with shows narsassistic tendencies that as most in this forum have shown should be pushed back against and not taken serious because you really show you lack outside the box thinking and only reside in an echo chamber of your own fabrication.

Alas this is the big problem with this generation of megalomania and self- richious fenatics with too much free time chasing crusades purely for self gratification. You want this to change not for the good of anything but yoir own warped sense of morality corroded by social justice and new age feminism when has done more harm to women by removing their representation or defeminizing them to be more masculine.

It dosent make things better its a warped and inverted version of the oppression of middle eastern women by an ideology that claims to be helping as it removes them and shames them yet preaches equality as it removes female sexuality positivity over “men might see”

Hypocrisy bigotry and narcissism infectious and willful ignorance. But as long as it makes you feel good the world be damned.

This mindset is abhorrent and needs to stop.


If y’all got time to keep this thread going, y’all got time to BUMP and SUPPORT Warlock Stables, hot damn

Also reminder we pay the Succubus with the hearts of good men, it’s part of the contract quest with her.

She works for us, we periodically murder “good men” and give her their fresh bloody hearts, which is what she requested.

Nowadays you may be accused of internalized sexism.

Aht aht why do you not support warlock stables yet always post on your warlock??? Internalized anti-warlock sentiment :frowning:

I’m a death knight at heart.

I perceive you as an issue. Who are you to judge where a line is drawn for something that is from the 14th century. I think you instead of me should get silenced for making posts that are absurd and are made just so YOU will get attention.

The classical succubus is an autonomous entity.

Well we are all entitled to our opinion. Thanks for your input.

In myth? No, the oldest iteration of the succubus, the “Lilin” or “lilu”, are traditionally the daughters/servants of Lilith, who in some retellings is the “first vampire” (because she survived on blood in the desert East of Eden) or the “mother of demons” (folklore which started as Jewish myth and spread to both Christians and Muslims over the centuries) by being the consort of Satan (and in some iterations of Jewish medieval theology, she is the mother of Cain).

Otherwise some other “Night Women” vary from the Greek Lampades (who serve Hekate), Irish Banshees (who are often described as beautiful, particularly the Banshee Queen Cliodhna), or the more cursory and globally “White Lady” myths (e.g. Latin American Llorona), or the Greek Lamia.

Notably, the Mesopotamian Lilu which became the Jewish Lilin (of Lilith) was translated by Hellenic Jews in the Septuagint as “Daimonia” (Demons, or Spirits) in Isaiah 34 while the Roman Church translated it as Greek Lamia but Latinized and retained.

Medieval Jewish theology maintained the Succubi were the children of the Demon Queens while Western Christian tradition the Succubi and Incubi were divided into two separate beings.

Notably both the Lamia of Greek is derived also from the Mesopotamian myth of the Lammashtu/Lammea (historical speculation) who is separate from the Lilu, but the Lammea are daughter/s of Anu while the Lilu are tied to Inanna/Ishtar.

In every iteration and in its mythological genealogy, the succubus is a predator and a servant, and tied to both nocturnal emissions, the death of newborns (particularly male newborns), or children both with malformations, usually due to punishment of the parents.

The real issue is we lack an Incubus and we lack Warlock Stables.

Support warlock stables!


Yeah but if they are just listening to their mom and dad that’s different.