Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

You don’t have too

I know lots of women. My mom is a woman.

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I got your succubus’ nose!

Can you prove that your mom is a woman? When was the last time you checked?

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If my mother identified as a women to the extent that she gave birth to me, well, I don’t think it’s my place to say otherwise.

I just called her and she self identified

Has anybody ever thought that perhaps they chose to be dressed that way?

This is a game, a significant recent event was attempted genocide, surely that is worth getting upset about, not what what some npc is wearing.

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How can they choose when blizzard created them?

Would this be an issue if they were male (whatever that is called)?

I will be honest I am surprised this thread is still going on. 3k plus posts is impressive for the subject matter.

I figure there are, what I call, hot button topics. Perhaps a too generic name for something that gets pretty much everyone upset when they talk about it. One of these topics is women’s clothing.

Succubus are neither female or human. Also they into domination not submission.

Your post reveals far more about you and your world view than anything else.

The skimpy outfit is inline with the games mature content rating. Considering our hero’s are mass murdering war criminals…


So they dominate by being subservient to the warlock? Makes sense…

Warlocks enslave demons, the demons nature doesn’t change.

A succubus doesn’t stop being what it is because it’s magically enslaved.

Exactly, they are MADE to serve! That is subservient!

Tell that to the Legion…

No they were made to dominate… the Warlock Demon Relationship is a matter of convenience… for both parties. The Demon needs a summoner because they want to come to Azeroth - the Warlock wants power… and mutually beneficial contract is made.


My god how pathetic. If this change happens we all lose on freedom. These people are the ones that need to be silenced. I wonder how old the concept of a succubus is. I bet its so old that it removes any kind of intelligence from what the op thinks they are achieving. GO DO SOMETHING IN THIS WORLD BESIDES THINKING YOUR DOING ANYONE A FAVOR WITH YOUR PETTY GRIEVENCES ABOUT A IMAGINARY CREATURE.

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you are one sad person. I wish I could mute every single post you ever make. My post to you would be , as the title suggests, MUTE LOKUTH SAVE YOUR FREEDOM OF IMAGINATION.
I think the game would be better with the removal of you and your ‘oh no I am such a precious snowflake if I see anything I do not like I will melt’ mentality.
I bet your of the clicky crowd that would rather have blue hair for VE’s rather than lets say… FLYING in end zones.
I bet you try to get anyone banned to from the forums that doesn’t agree with you either. Soon as you don’t like something you better hit that report button to so you can feel ok…awwww


The more I think about it too, YOU are the actual Succubus. You are doing nothing but sucking the life out of this game with these type of posts. Which is the definition of a succubus. The fact that you probably aren’t even a WOMAN says even more.

Now a post about flying in end zones. That has value to us all. You think you’d go for that instead of trying to get attention and suck the lives out of all who have to read your mindless drabble.