Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Trash troll thread? If you read past the title you’ll find lots of thoughtful discussion.

Dude we’ve been over this - most new people coming into this thread are going to read the first few posts then skip to the end because no one is going to read 3000 + posts on the topic.


retail undead models are so bad, I agree

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Which is a shame. This is some quality reading.

I’m jelous of the succubus class.

I wish I could play a succubus with a spec that lets me charm mobs and run around with them as my pet sorta like a hunter.

The other spec my succubus class would have would make other ppl feel bad about themselves.

And finally there would be a tank spec which would make it so ppl wouldnt want to hit me and instead just stood their in awe of my beauty.




Except they missed my e tire point

I’m worth so much more though! Although, if I had a nickel for every person who is posting these threads, riding on the backs of actual victims to push silly narratives… I should get a loonie for the ones who post to have convos with themselves IMHO, actually everyone should get that, I’m pretty sure, nay I’m positively sure there are more of us who are sick of the outrage at this point.

Heck I think I’d have enough to cover textbooks for when my first hits university! Canada no longer has pennies, so in cases like this we always come out ahead.

Inflations a beast, eh?

I don’t know… the succubus always seemed like a dominatrix to me.

I agree. Delete rogues.

Meh depends on the industry really. We know an exotic dancer, her tips have improved monumentally with the 5 being the lowest denomination bill here.

As for no pennies? I don’t miss them in the slightest. It’s rare that I ever carry actual money these days.

Its one of those weird situations where people who carry both cash and card are at an advantage because of the way change is handled. Since there are situations with cash where the change will have to be rounded up or down, where as the card is accurate to the cent… it makes it so a penny counter will always have the advantage over the business.

True story, I once tried to pay a stripper with the last bit of change I had at the end of the night.

She was NOT happy lol…

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The reasoning is in the definition of the name “Succubus” So my statement stands!

The succubus turned me into a newt!

Not sure I follow your logic

Did you get better?

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I did! Now I’m off to pet a rabbit.

Im a woman leave my succubus the hell alone.