Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Good thing it’s not a popularity contest, also you never knew who’s the majority and who’s the minority.

Remember to support warlock/aberration stables

also remember we didn’t enslave the Succubus, we made a deal with her and are in a mutually beneficial contract because we offered her the hearts of 3 good men

the deal is we will keep giving her the hearts/souls of good men in exchange for service

likewise the imp and fel imp are in a contract, and the felguard likes working with us, etc

Only demon that was enslaved properly was the Felhunter, who is a dog, ie felpuppy

Everyone else is in a contract.


Based on the evidence presented in the thread - the OP original post only has about 93 likes, the next post - which was in opposition has 489 likes.

Additionally if were going by the length the thread over 900 posts in this thread were made by the OP trying to reply to nearly every other post here. That’s a pretty strong case for a vocal minority - but… you’re right its not an official poll.

On the Hearthstone issue - I don’t believe that Blizzard ever made a formal statement about reasons for the change… some speculation was out there at the time that it had nothing to do with doing the “Right” thing - and more to appease Chinese censors.

Of course China was in the news not too long ago for trying to limit game time to teens if I recall correctly. Which would cut into Blizzard’s profits - so maybe appeasing them might not be such a high priority now.

Additionally the card in question - had no abilities related to Succubus - it was a 4/3 discard a card when played… making it EASY to replace with another demon.
Where as in WoW - the Succubus has specific spells and themes in the Warlock toolkit.


thank you, people need to relize replacing something in wow has allot more to be considered than in hearthstone

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I am a female player on the game. And I play a warlock. Leave my succubus alone. Op needs to play something else. This is a fantasy game, not real life. If you are offended, go play something else.


In a game rated t for teen

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The succubus is the only warlock pet that chooses to come with you. Have you ever played one? Done the story to unlock her? Me thinks no.

I know you have me on ignore, still responding don’t care! When you actually used this line it showed that you don’t play at all and only jump on these style of topics T.


Covered by Suggestive Themes.

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What does that even mean?

I love this game though

Just another example

Well if you want the specific definition of suggestive themes in this context - I suggest you look it up on the ERSB website.

Short version - while they can’t show adult relations… they can allude to it and the many different ways such relations may occur.

A succubus is something that derives from multiple myths and stories, and it has been apart of the Warcraft universe for years and years, if Blizzard feels that the only way to rectify their actions is to follow in suite with this cancel culture bull poky? This is the complete and utter wrong way to do it, the only thing they need to do at this point is for them to prove that they aren’t going to tolerate or support garbage people and just fix the game and actually listen to constructive feedback.

Should we removal all of the muscular shirtless men in the game as well? No? Should we make the human males have dad bods so they aren’t attractive instead of having muscles and chest hair poking out of their armor? No one sees a problem with orcs having biceps twice the size of my face? This sort of thing goes both ways which is something that a great deal of people don’t seem to pay attention too, the males in the game are just as objectified for the most part and none of this removal business is going to be any sort of improvement in the game, I would just like less complicated and annoying systems and for the storyline not to be bland and actually make sense. (And fix the Jailors voice so I can understand what the hell he’s saying).

Edit: I mean come on, the first thing you see before you even open any of the Forums is a shirtless Bolvar!

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Her body her choice right??? Right???

Sure am glad you seem to be the only one with that opinion. Bet you love Biden and hate Trump too.

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Please keep this apolitical

Turn off the tv.

As a lady player, though, I really don’t like the idea of ‘purifying’ every aspect of every game. It’s okay to be beautiful, and show off some skin. Certain folks who work in certain industries as the succubus implies are just as valuable as a woman who really isn’t into that stuff.

My entire life, I’ve seen people put down women for enjoying themselves with things like that. The succubus has a whip, for example, and is a common demon representing pleasure of a certain kind that happens to be extremely demonized even though the main point of it is consent. It’s okay to get pleasure from that sort of thing if it’s consensual, and no one should be made into some horrible person for liking it.

Women really shouldn’t be put down for enjoying certain pleasures, and it’s nice to see that end of things represented too. Succubi are in a consensual contract with warlocks, as established in lore.

So this suggestion inadvertently hurts women who want to be empowered this way. The best solution is to add an incubus to be equal, and add women characters who don’t show as much skin/have different body types, but not to remove this type of woman.

Edit: Don’t’ know why I figured people could act mature in their replies to this post, but boy was I wrong. Just tells me that this entire thing is a façade to be anti-women. As expected with this fake concern nonsense.


can you not so indirectly admit things you’re into in your personal life


we got children here.

Glad someone said it.