Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

(im into it to)

(Aco owns a red room)

(he even used the red room tonight)


Oh you already said what I did, but in much simpler terms. I figured explaining it in detail would allow an actual conversation but boy was I wrong. I’ll just upvote you and move on.

Oh, and you too. I regret stepping into this post and explaining my point of view, but I’m glad you folk spoke with logic against certain parties here who exist only to degrade women.

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Hey I don’t judge people having fun!

Its actually a dope red room.

my favorite thing to do is show girls the room, and when they get all intrigued, kick them out lol.

a sadist indeed.

you all do realize that per mythology that the succubus is a predator, right ? She targets and Kills men. just because in this game its used as a dumb-fire pet does not make her ‘subservient’. As to ‘sexist’ I personally don’t see her that way , I see her mostly as a pet I hardly use .
and for those that thump on the Adam and Eve thing … what would have happened if Eve had eaten the apple … and then kept it to herself ?

I’m not questioning the mythological succubus.

I’m calling I to question blizzards interpretation of her.

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in human lore, she exists to manifest temptation in men

what do you think the physical manifestation of temptation would look like if not highly-sexualized?

Fixed that for you.

You’re not as woke as your ego would have you believe.


I don’t like the succ for a lot of reasons, mostly the whip and moaning, but she isn’t subservient, quite the opposite her power dominates minds.

At the very least if you want to complain about something maybe make sure you aren’t going off base.

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The succubus doesn’t bother me any and I’m a woman. A succubus is a sexual demon and is in fact female. :woman_shrugging: Though maybe they should add her male counterpart.


But it’s literally a succubus demon. You aren’t summoning a blizzard intern wearing no clothes lol, succubus are demons of seduction

It’s a demon.

We murder them by the thousands every day, but now you’re worried about what they’re wearing.

Please get a grip before someone at Blizzard thinks this is a real thread.




Rated T for Teen.


Go away.


Suc’s hips and thighs need to be thicker.
No one’s gonna be afraid of a demon stick.

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It’s an allegory

I commend you for your body positivity

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It could be interpreted as such I suppose but when googling the definition of succubus I don’t see anything saying it’s supposed to mean actual women or anything to do with them; just a female demon

I think if the succubus wasn’t an NPC or if she had powers like Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy, I think she would lash of pain you, then use seduction to walk away from you and commit to an actual player who wasn’t trying to stop her power. That would be an awesome story arc!

Because once again, she is the only one who chose to serve.


I gotta give you Canadians credit for Ryan Reynolds. I enjoy most of his work. Haven’t see. Free guy yet. Waiting for home access!