Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

the succubi are not slaves though? if you actually bothered to read the lore on warcraft’s demons you would know they are sexual by their nature, its literally what they are, down to their core genetics


If you think succubi’s are ‘sexual slaves’ then you really don’t understand what they are at all.

Which is impressive, since I literally linked you a full article explaining what they are.

Guess you really are just a troll.


It is when the Warlocks owns them, they can even sacrifice her out of her will.

then remove all demons, sacrificing a succubus is no worse than sacrificing a felguard or a imp.

The sacrifice isn’t the point, the point is no, succubus has no say if the warlock tell her to use her body. The warlock owns her.

then why bring up the sacrifice at all? you are making problems where there are none, if you are THIS upset over a demon, then you shouldnt play a fantasy mmorpg. end of discussion.

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Because the vulpera said the succubus does it out of her own will?

Ah, but you said that wasn’t the issue, you’re changing your story.

Not even to mention you know Succubi by definition are creatures that enslave people and drive them mad for fun, right?

Demons don’t even die in this game either.


lara, imma be real with you, if every single thing in wow is offensive to you, judging by your recent threads on “x thing is offensive” then you should just not play wow.


My stance on this has always been clear, they should just do what Hearthstone does, replace succubus with fel stalker and everyone will move on 1-2 weeks later.

It’s way more productive than to argue if a Warlock own them or not.

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I’ve already addressed that. It’s not a solution, it’s actually horrible, probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard, and it erases a lot of established lore that would cause a huge hit to the game.

Succubi as a concept exist beyond WoW. They are a fictitious creature that has existed in stories for centuries. There’s nothing wrong with them being here, let people who like them enjoy them like any other race in the game.


It doesn’t matter if it exists beyond WOW, im not asking them to turn succubus into something it’s not (im against that), im asking them to replace them with something else.

And your request is ridiculous, and shows a startling lack of empathy on your part.

You being a concern troll for this race that torments people for fun isn’t doing anyone any favors.

I’ll leave it at that. Please actually read what a succubi is before you comment on this stuff, because you clearly don’t understand that.


replacing them with something is exactly what you said it isnt… you are making me lose brain cells


I don’t think you understand, he bring succubus lore because he think im trying to put a clothes on them or make them less sexualized. I don’t, what i ask is for Blizzard to do what Hearthstone does, it’s been done before, it’s doing fine there, it will be fine here as well.

hearthstone has nothing to do with it though, you are asking for the removal of something because you are offended by it, when theres literally no reason to be offended by it.

It doesn’t, but Hearthstone has removed Succubus card and replaced it with Fel Stalker, there are outrage, but it last for like 1 week top and then everything went back to normal.

Change is needed, and fake outrage can be ignored.

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but the fel stalker and the succubi are two, entirely different things, you are making a big deal out of a very minor part of a massive game with massive problems. if you are gonna keep getting butthurt that something isnt made exactly how YOU think it should be, then i cant help you with that hun.

Who said they’re the same?

This change is not needed - its wanted by a minority.
But that’s not the same as needing a change.