Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

No they don’t

All of the locks demons are their pet, the warlocks are free to do whatever they want to them including taking their lives, and that’s disgusting.

stated this early on in this thread. it was ignored. You cannot reason with people.
They go by feelings!

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Kel’Thuzad summoned Archimonde… did KT treat Archimonde as his pet?

They do not die… They are eternal. They return to the twisted nether…

Lets stop pretending that ingame warlock throwing and exploding their imps to their death or siphoning their succubus’s life force for their own power is the same as Kel’Thuzad summoning Archimonde.

One is summoning their master, the other is summoning their pets.

see how they reply?
One word, a small sentence, nothing of merit or meaning THIS is Warlock lore, these part time non rp’ers do not know anything about wow and the immense backstory. all they know is “me offended”

My feelings are singed, I am actually getting bothered by the caving to this crowd. I don’t think any of this will make wow any better.

If these kids listened to the Bloodhound Gang they’d probably have a stroke. I’m not a conspiracy nut in the slightest, we have a bit of it in Canada but it’s not so prevalent, but I’m so tired of things I’ve loved for years changing for emotional reasons.


Its just another sign to blizz. go woke, go broke. Eh. Fellow Canadian, we do have it here as bad as the US, our entire gooberment is ran this way, they play identity politics to the cows come home. with that sayin’

I do not want the succubus to change, I would love to see her have an update in her appearance. make her look sexy and everything.
WE do not need a male/incubus, the big demon Demonology locks summon is the representation for men. it doesn’t need to change to appease these offended crying douchebags.

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Fellow Canuckistanian! Now I understand why I agree with you a lot!

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Okay let’s run with your assertion that succubus is pet that isn’t an empowered female - and thus should be removed… why doesn’t that apply to all warlock pets?

The imp could be the stand in for a child… wouldn’t having a child treated in such a way be child abuse… or the Felhunter be a stand in for a dog… animal abuse?

Why is the succubus special?

On the flip side - Warlocks by their very nature are a villainous class. Why are we against the bad guy classes doing bad guy/evil things?


If you want to advocate for all warlock pets to be removed then create your own thread, my response is simply to yours “succubus are empowered and free to do what they do” argument.

Also how does it affect you if they change succubus to another demon with the same abilities albeit with different name?

Eh. least something good came of this. we Canadians understand! lol well most do.

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Nah. We will state it here, its on topic.
Warlocks should be deleted. You are also on illidan server. that server is or was one of the most toxic pvp servers in North America. was there for a time. Before I wanted to actually RP, and have fun wpvpin a little behind the notorious inn.

People need to support this man more.

How does it affect you if they don’t? Like be real here, I want an honest to Bob in Janitorial answer.

You won’t have one.

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Clearly it affects OP and some people otherwise this thread won’t be a thing?

For what it’s worth, you guys gave the world Justin Bieber

No I am asking you. The person who claimed those who liked it were sexist. The OP and I are friends with differing opinions.

I want to hear your response, not a deflection.

I think it’s disgusting that after the recent event, they still have succubus as the player’s pet.

Hearthstone managed to replace Succubus long before the scandal, and it’s so weird how one game from the same company can be so understanding while the other are so dense.

Yeah we are. Hi friend :wave:

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