Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Ok. So all the other SAs that occurred in history before this never bothered you with the succubus, as I and others have pointed out is the only minion that accepts servitude.

You are virtue signaling and it’s gross. As a woman I am telling you just stop, this isn’t a character invented by those men, it’s historical. You making the victims out to be delicate daisies offended by a mythological creature offends the carp out of me.

Imagine using that trauma to further your agenda. There was once an emote I would use in rare situations like this, sadly it is gone.


Who said it doesn’t bother me? stop putting words into my mouth!

we also gave you Zamboni machines, penicillin. Mr.Dressup was better than Mr.Rogers.
Don’t worry, Canada doesn’t like Bieber either, but now. hes married. and cleaned up his act as an adult. so… there’s that at least.

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You chose to become offended in this climate your words.

Just please, you are being gross, stop. Not even the OP pulled this line out.

Excuse me what are you trying to say here?

Didn’t hear a peep out of ya for uhh… 15 years…
Op has used this succubus for PVP and i bet he has while this thread is active. LOL.


Your outrage is faker than the grinch’s smile.


I think I said it enough.

Lokath doesn’t need this kind of help. (Still don’t support the change but I support your fight bud)

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IDK what are you trying to argue here, the scandal involving women at Blizzard is recently brought to light, if you want to argue about semantics. im not interested sorry.

Please dont speak for someone else.

Oh like you are for the victims? :rofl: :rofl:

Please, just stop! You can’t be real! Humanity has not fallen has it?


You’re kinda pathetic trying so hard to silence and dismiss my concern.
You act like Blizzard’s cube crawler and its HR.

Exactly - you only are outraged because you want to feel important about it. That IS SICK. you completely denounced the lore and the questlines in classic and bc that the warlock didn’t just summon the succubus, he has a contract with her like the imp that contracted you in legion to kill the big red demon dude.

Your outrage is fake, sorrynotsorry. You do not want to talk to me because I see through it.
for 15+ years people had no issue with the lil whip crackin cutie, and now … this
IT IS ALSO sick to compare the two, you want to use the suffering of women to promote your agenda to get what you want.
seek help.


It’s so weird when people is telling me what i think or putting words in my mouth.

You’re kind of rude. Name calling someone who disagrees with you, the song of the woke, name call, use those “isms” and “ists” words. to silence your opposition. Are you a politician??


I’ll give you guys credit, one of my favorite bands is from the great north. Propaghandi.

Mr. Dressup though? Never heard of him.

oh bless your heart. No that’s not putting words in your mouth, that’s expressing what you are, and what you are doing, it has nothing to do with “Words in my mouth”. Its exactly your actions.

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Ryan Reynolds, all the Levys, Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reaves, Mike Meyers, William Shatner, heck Alex Trebec was from my home town.

There are so many more but Canadians have some talent!

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Nah my action are my own, you don’t get to say what i think or what i should think.

WE also have OLP, love them. Also have some of the best pro-wrestlers. lol and hockey players. Love me some of Sidney Crosby. he’s adorable!

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