Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Considering the Succubus’ place in lore/history of fantasy realms… why? I invite you to review the literal definition of what one is, and how since the 14th century, the belief in them and the myth behind them. So let’s just cancel 600+ years of folklore because ??

Why is it ok for gamer girls to wear next to nothing, make 6 figures from their subs who are only watching for (clearly not their gaming skills), but you want to be a social justice warrior to remove a FANTASY element from a game (based on over 600 years worth of lore). Why not just ban ANY representation of scantily clad females, period, and eliminate the double standard?

And why is it ok for an Incubus? Isn’t that making it ok to enslave males?

I vote no. It’s a game.

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Why would you turn this into a popularity contest?

I’m not - You made a claim about what the majority agrees on. I’m showing the a piece of evidence which contradicts your assertion.

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This has been addressed about 2 thousand posts ago.

Wow, guess you didn’t make it very far into the conversation before you let me have it.

Sometimes the right thing isn’t the easy or most popular thing to do. Doesn’t make it any less right.

Im saying most people that are for this prefer just removing or replacing Succubus instead of making it less sexualized.

Put another demon with similar abilities and it’s a win-win for everyone except for the sexists.

Remove demons cuz they scary and they the devil


Excuse me? Sexist?

This is my issue with you and only you right now. Liking a character the way it is in no way makes anyone a sexist. That is agenda pushing carp and you make Lokath and his plight look petty. Please, unsub, it’s the easiest way to stop being angry/offended.

Still don’t agree Lokath, but keep up the good fight.


That’s a gross misinterpretation of the topic at hand

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So your saying if people are forced to accept that this demon - you know to be a seductress which makes a warlocks enemies submit to its will… in some perspectives an empowered female… should be removed from the game and replaced with a male demon?

Not that people should be forced to accept the removal any npc when its not necessary.

I love this tool is tryin’ to be our moral compass.
DELETE warlocks.
They enslave and barter for power. they use dark magic and evil entities to do their bidding.
Well there goes the Demon Hunters, The Rogues - they are thieves
Undead - the whole race is evil. Delete the Blood Elves - we can use drugs.
Remove Dwarves next, they make alcoholism look cool.
Delete Trolls. they do VOODOO - thats evil stuff too.
Delete Orcs. they are warlord warlike race.
Just delete wow. this idgit would smile happy like.


I saw a succubus and cried…I can’t believe… WoW Is a horror gaem

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here is the problem with you.
you use “isms” and “ists” to try to shut people up. Because they disagree with you.
Beat it rugrat. adults are talkin’


Thanks for taking the words outta my …eyeballs

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The succubus in this case is a warlock’s pet, there’s nothing empowering about being someone’s pet.

Have you ever done the quest? She chooses to be with you.

Yet here you are… Why?

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this game isnt meant for 8 year olds. i agreed the succubus shouldn’t of been in hearthstone at all. because that game is rated 8+. but this isn’t a game meant for 8 year olds. its 16+ adult situations.
ALSO. this moron should take his fake rage and take it to the government, they left soldiers behind. there is REAL issues to be taken serious. not this baloney.

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Hey friends, if you care about demon customization, please remember to periodically bump this thread!


Except Warlock must give a fragment of their soul in order to summon said pet… one could argue that makes them soul mates.

Its also established in Warlock lore than Warlocks often find themselves enslaved to their own summons - or higher level demons. Kael’thas tried to summon Kil’Jaden - and Kael was very much going to be the servant in that relationship.

Are you simply assuming because you’re the summoner that you’re actually in charge in terms of the story?

Or are we only looking at it in terms of game mechanics? What if we were to change in-game term from pet to partner or summon or companion? Would that make it better?