Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Right or wrong on a subject like this is subjective. That’s why we have the discussion. I’m just stating that I’m clearly not alone.

You are my hero!

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Stop trying to dismiss someone’s real concern as trolling, not only it’s rude, but unproductive as well.

I support this.

Night Elf females are often scantily clad. Do they need to be removed as well? What about Alexstrasza?

Is this a religious fundamentalist post?

Succubus’s are subservient because they’re demons. Not because their females.

Should the fel guard be removed? He’s scantily clad.

They can remove both if it bother you so much.

I am still waiting for my incubus option, wtf blizz?
I mean, I love that band.


Sure. Let’s also get rid of Alexstrasza. revealing mogs. Night Elves because of their clothing and dancing. Orcs because of their clothing and dancing. Goblins because of their clothing, dancing, everything they say…

Sure why not?

Lets make this a christian nation that doesn’t show ankles.

Judging by all your comments thus far, you’ve learned nothing and only reinforced your narrow mindedness.

Hey if that’s what you want, cool.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion!

That isn’t me expressing an opinion. That’s me expressing an objective point from watching all the responses to this for the last month. People have given you factually accurate information about the succubus not being sexist, even i provided information about how succubi have existed in human mythology for thousands of years. They are not sexist. They are a representation of the folly of lust. The first depiction of a succubus in human mythology was in the jewish mytical work Zohar, where Lilith, Adam’s first wife became a succubus. You seriously need to grow up, get away from your computer and step out into this thing called reality.


Again, that’s YOUR opinion. I would never deprive someone of expressing their point of view, as untrue as it may be.

Which is why OP and most people agree that succubus should be removed.

You have absolutely no clue what you are even talking about. Allow me first to point out Blizzard DID NOT CREATE the succubus. It has been around in legend, lore, fairy tails, etc since ancient times. It is a demon who actually kills men by sucking out their life force. Having things in your game that fit the story/lore is OK even if it could be considered ‘un-woke’ in todays world. Warlocks are known to communicate/bind demons and a succubus is a demon. Is it ok to have give a Warrior a skill to summon a female in skimpy maid clothes? No, of course not. It makes no sense from a story or lore perspective. Can a Warlock get away with summoning a female demon in skimpy clothes… ABSOLUTELY. It fits the class lore (Blizzard did not invent the Warlock class).


MY opinion is the OP and other anti-succubus folks are just looking for attention and a higher post count.

Where are all your complaints about the succubus before this topic? Just come up with it now out of the blue after playing so many years? (OP played for at least 10)

Half the mogs I see females wearing are “sexist” but nobody complains because they WANT to look that way and so don’t mind being “sexist”

Nobody posting in this topic cares about the succubus, but those against it can feel free to keep pretending you do, for whatever your real motive it.

891 posts in one topic, great job. There’s your real motive.


I am getting angry though, enough to question my sub. I don’t want to say they keep caving, but they are and it’s driving me crazy.

Turns out my 20s were so offensive to this new crowd that it needs to be erased.

Oh I wish there was a guy in here calling for the removal because it made men have animalistic urges and become toxic.

Not one woman, myself included, that I know asked for any of this carp, and I am getting tired of the “offended by proxy” crowd.

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Do most people agree? All evidence we can find is that OP has 86 likes on his post - the next post in the thread was for an opposing viewpoint 400+ likes - which would indicate that the majority want the Succubus to stay.

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