Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

remove living creatures. living creatures have to mate to procreate which is Sexual . Undead only


Is it the hoofs? Or the fact that they are closest tot he Naruu which gets under ur blood elf skin?

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it is the FACT that your kind is a bunch of degenerate goats. your kind is a bunch of harlot hussys. strutting about like they own the place.


If it doesn’t matter why bring it up in the first place?

Also - by your own logic only a small percentage of a small percentage actually liked your post and a larger percentage of a small percentage liked the opposing post.

Since we aren’t doing a break down of who liked what - and what they are - we could in theory argue that all the trolls liked your post and all the non-trolls liked the opposing post - as an example… we don’t know that for sure without going through the lists of people who liked a thing and then review all their posts and making a determination of whether or not they were trolls.

Or we could say the opposite - there is no way to know for certain without going through everyone’s profile.


no… add Male versions to be more equal. :thinking:
add more customization options for player controlled units.

im more on the side of add things to solve issues than to subtract.

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At least I don’t look like an ant with huge antenna ears.

You can try to refute my point but I’m right

no instead you look like a ugly stinky barnyard animal.


By what metric are judging people to be correct or incorrect?

oh just shut up. its a mythical figure ffs


It’s clearly subjective and that’s what discussions are for. Either way, I am not alone.

I mean… sure… but the threshold for being not alone is a single other person being with you.

If that’s all it takes then almost everyone is right because there’s usually at least one other person out there to agree with you.


That’s a funny way of saying they need to add an Incubus demon for those of us who like males more…

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2600 replies didn’t realize this was a troll? man even the first few replies with 400 upvotes lmao. gd is hilarious.


This is why it needs to be removed.

cause the trolls keep engaging seriously like they want it removed. classic. you cant just cancel something cause you personally dont like it. its gonna wreck wow. unless its roux, then go ahead and cancel.

You have issue with Roux man?

yeah man, you gotta problem? do ya? DO YA!

For someone named happy, you sure are mad.

Angry was taken :frowning: