Stuck in Portal

Hi, my character Sommêr-Emerald Dream got stuck in the portal going to Darnassus. Can you please return her to her home? Thank you.

Stay logged out for 15-30 min if that doesnt work open a unable to move ticket nothing else can be done over the forums.


Usually I post here and at some point they move her. :slight_smile:
It happens a lot to this toon.

Thats usualy the game doing it not GM intervention that being said it sounds like u got a corrupted UI if u keep getting stuck I would highly recomend

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I just cleaned it up 2 days ago and redid the Cache and WTF. New patch always means clean up. If they don’t, I will go to Twitter and ask there. I have 20 plus toons I can play on. :slight_smile:

Neither the CS forums or Twitter would be appropriate channels to request something like this Sommêr, regardless of what you may have experienced in the past.

I realize that in the last day this issue has likely already been resolved but I want to make it clear for anyone who finds this post in the future - if you are experiencing issues with one or more of your characters then the appropriate steps are:

  1. Complete a full interface reset and game client repair.
  2. Try using the Unable to Move tool on our support site to relocate your character.
  3. Open a ticket through the support site to request help from a Game Master.

It’s important that you complete these steps in their entirety. Often we see player skip the portion of the reset that has them disable/uninstall their addon managers or other background programs. Then when they launch WoW, those files are reinstalled automatically.

The Unable to Move tool will relocate a character to a neutral location in case the character is stuck in terrain, in a bad zone, or otherwise unsafe location.

Opening a ticket through the support site is the best way to receive help from a Game Master. Here on the forums, and on our Twitter accounts our objective is to provide you with troubleshooting and give direction to open a ticket when necessary. We do not do account or character specific work through these channels.


Thank you for the post. Yes, this was where I use to go or talk to CS on Twitter or open a ticket which could take awhile.

Thanks for the clarification.


Might I suggest an update as well about this to the pinned post on CS so that other players can see this? I do not see anything mentioned in the Support Contact Channels since some of us long-time players may not know this. :slight_smile:

It’s there :slight_smile:

Taken from the “Welcome to the Customer Support forum” pinned topic.


My toon Zonla is falling though the world. I cant log in because im booted out before i have a chance to do anything. My toon is on the Americas server Dalaran realm. She has been stuck for a bout a week now. I put in a ticket and have tried the self service option nothing is working. Help please

Holy moly, bad necro!

There are several threads that are current about this kind of thing. Even then, it is always better to create your own thread rather than posting to something three years dead. Anything older than a couple of weeks, not really kosher.

If your ticket was answered and the issue not resolved, you can reopen the ticket to receive more assistance. If you cannot reopen the original ticket, you can open a new one, referencing the original ticket’s # and explaining that your issue had NOT been resolved and you still need assistance.