Store transmog and why It's a problem

My giant man hands and I would totally sign up for that.

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And the best way to do that is to not care, and not buy it. The issue is people will lap up anything Blizzard puts out these days, even if it’s a cash shop scam.

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I’d pay to see that.

Oh my god, people need to get over this already lol.

I’m a completely f2p player now and I have the transmog. It’s not hard to get 2 wow tokens.

Says you and your made-up code of self-interested video game ethics.

In-game quests and content net you gold. Gold can be exchanged for WoW Tokens. WoW tokens can be exchanged for Blizzard Balance. Blizzard balance can be used to…WAAAIT A SECOND HUH?!? :open_mouth:

Already proven that this can be acquired for exactly zero dollars beyond buying the game and the sub.

Anything else?


You’re right, it probably won’t be ‘just one.’ but you still aren’t obliged to buy it. It’s entirely optional.
If they made a questline around it, no doubt people would cry to the forums about the grind. And when they make a completely unique, rather unrelated transmogs to purchase otherwise, people still cry.

It’s a COSMETIC. It has no impact on the game. Why shouldn’t it be on the store? Who cares? Don’t want it, don’t buy it. Want it, buy it.
It’s not like they’re putting up whole ‘buy your storyline’ or functional armor sets up there. So much false outrage.


I mean you’re saying that the quality of this new set is way above all other sets we can get in game and it’s simply not true. I agree that they shouldn’t have transmog sets in game though. Breaks the immersion of different armor restrictions whenever have the same gear on.

What? The shadowland sets are ugly AF. I dunno why they thought it would be a good idea to say we’re not introducing class armor but then give us armor we have to buy…

Big womp womp there

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You’re about 7 years late. We had transmog helms in the store for years.


People did complain about it when they where added.
Its not that people are late, its just that blizzard has been ignoring it for 7 years


Go look at BFA’s tier sets, look at the tmog set and tell me that with a straight face.

It’s to make the point that there shouldn’t be t-mog in the store at all.

Except there’s thousands of people who are, so it doesn’t matter. Blizzards already seeing that adding tmog makes a ton of money or can lock its playerbase into 6 month sub contracts. It’s insanely scummy and the fact that there’s anyone actually defending or agreeing with it is mind blowing.

You need to get over people being upset about it already. It’s a valid point of being upset.

Ah, of course. Another “it doesn’t effect me so I don’t care” type players…

Well sorry, some of us don’t like spending our time gaming a time to relax and have fun, grinding gold, playing on the auction house all day, botting like you may do…so realize many people don’t share your opinion and are in their right to voice their own.

Oh right, I forgot…people would rather just spend money on the game to get stuff than have fun and get items through fun in-game quests, drops, etc.

Literally that’s why people play the game… :roll_eyes:

Now imagine you didn’t have to grind quests, content, etc. to get gold to pay for wow tokens to pay for transmog and instead you got a fun quest line, faction, etc. you had to work with to unlock the transmog? Oh right, I forgot, mindless grinding is more fun right? Paying money is more fun than playing the game? Give me a break. :roll_eyes:

You contradicted yourself in the same sentence, congradulations.

It doesn’t matter, It’s not about “well just don’t buy it then” It’s the fact that they’re taking content away from what should be in the game, putting it on the store and charging people for it. It’s like taking people’s money they’re already spending on subs and expansions, working on what SHOULD be content for the game but instead turning around and charging them money for the content. It’s skeezy. People not comprehending that are beyond me.

Tell me why in-game content that we pay for them to make should be made and sold to us again in the store.

Why are we paying monthly subs, expansion costs, server x-fer fees, name change fees, if we’re going to get charged even more for content we’re paying them to make for us to play? It’s stupid. If the game was f2p It’d 100% make sense, but It’s not and won’t be any time soon.

Look at BFA tier sets, look at this set and tell me you can say that with a straight face.

You must have forgotten when they said they were just testing it, they didn’t add anymore and eventually took them out of the store and said they weren’t going to add more, but okay. People threw a huge fit back then, too, and rightly so.

Exactly, they didn’t add more because players were mad about it.


lmao, this is why discussing anything on these forums is a waste. “What’s that? Proof that what I said was nonsense? IGNORE IT NAH NAH IM RIGHT.”

I hope you’re enjoying having so many people replying to you disagreeing with you. Clearly this is all you have going for you right now as far as human contact is concerned. Bye.


This is false today, never mind once we get the SL stuff.

What? You proved me wrong? I better insult you and say I’m done talking with you!

Literally the same response from everyone once they realize that it’s not actually free and that they’re delusional for thinking it is.


Only thing I was really surprised about the new fairy set, was that the chest piece was a dress! I assumed the bottom half was stitched onto the legs, but not this time. Too bad the top part is ruined by a clown bib, and there’s no hiding it either with a tabard (I tried.) My point is blizzard is in fact capable of making short dresses/skirts.

That’s just it I don’t find the game play fun or entertaining anymore.

Don’t mind me I’m old, grouchy and I’ve been playing too long.

This brain dead reply doesn’t change the objective fact that not a single dollar of money outside of the sub and the box price needs to spent to obtain this set. You didn’t disprove the statement, just moved the goal posts of your argument. Because you want me and others to keep replying. Because you’re not doing this for any reason other than you badly need people to pay attention to you.

That’s not an insult; that’s just the sad truth :frowning: Gonna ignore your stupid thread now <3


It’s just a cosmetic, until it’s not just a cosmetic anymore.

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The transmog doesn’t even look good…it’s in the store because it doesn’t fit anywhere else on the game. Unless there is some butterfly raid I know nothing about…

Transmog / cosmetics have no impact on gameplay.

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