Why are people so upset over the shop mog?

Slippery slope fallacy that hasn’t happened in 10+ years.


There are literally 16 covenant sets already announced, none of which will be on the store.

Speak for yourself, my gnome and kul tiran look faaaaaabulous in it!


Next step (it’s happened in every other game that’s done this by the way): Any in-game armors are going to become hideous, the only good looking ones will be cash shop transmogs.

Think it won’t happen? lol


I can think of two reasons for that.

  1. They think this is the beggining of microtransactions for wow.


  1. They have no spare money to buy the shop xmog…

It’s ugly.

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Or you could… get this… just read the OP. Store transmog and why It's a problem

It’s flagged lol

So? Unflag it and read it. We didn’t need yet another topic about this.


Doesn’t really bother me… not gonna be “playing”… er well paying to post on the forums for much longer anyways. I think they could use more cash shop stuff, but ESO offers much better looking gear in their cash shop and for much cheaper… last mog I bought in ESO was like maybe $7 but pretty much free for me since I get monthly cash shop cash and the game is all around better IMO.

I’m definitely not reaching; it’s a well-made set (things can be well made and hideous, fyi, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, right?). The same effort in other sets (even if they’re purchasable only) would be appreciated is all.

I can say something is ugly and not “hate” it. I won’t wear it, despite owning it because of my auto-sub-renewal, because it doesn’t suit me. Not saying they shouldn’t exist, or making fun of people who like it.

Also what do you mean I “didn’t come up with that” by myself? Are you assuming that I got a team of people together to critique a collection of pixels (though you can barely see them because of the quality)? Sorry if that’s what it takes on your end to come up with a very simple critique =/


Mmmmmm yes, even more reason to hardly care about this one set then I guess! :smiley:

ITs the shop in general , in a game where we have to pay to play people see the shop as a greedy attempt to con more money out of us.


Mad because they’re not saving money with a six month sub and just getting it by default :woman_shrugging:

Thats not it at all man and you got suckered if you took a 6 month sub for that thing

It’s only on the forums. I’ve been wearing it for a few days now. Not a peep in game.


Anybody else wish mods would just start locking new threads on this? There are millions others. At this point people are just beating a dead horse for attention.

I’ve had a six-month sub. I know I’ll be subbed in six months, so I’m simply saving money. Mounts and mogs are a bonus.


ahhh that makes sense then

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I got it with Steamscale Incinerator but honestly I’m uber late to the party. Should have just bit the bullet and got it when the pirate ship was announced… I’m full of regret.

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I hope they add 100 more tmog in cash store id buy them all :pray: