Store-Bought Transmogs Disappeared Entirely

Yeah, figured it wasn’t gone-gone, just a technical issue. I’ll add my voice over there as well. Thanks for the heads-up :smiley_cat:


I realy wish there was better news but theres literaly nothing that can be done by us or a GM all we can do is post in the bug forums.

Welp, moved this to the bug forum since I don’t see any threads that aren’t multiple days old. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Lost my baby murloc mog and logging back on in an ugly cape that does not match, que horror!


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Totally disappointed to have bought this transmo, it will not happen again.

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In the hopes that this will help the QA team, one way I have noticed that my “Recruit a Friend” pack (cloak) xmog consistently disappears is to utilize the Test Realm.

If I copy my main (Steelhoof) over to the Test Realm, then on the live server, I lose the xmog.

If/when it comes back, if I then play the test realm, the xmog disappears again.

I have literally (within the 5 minutes prior to posting this) confirmed this behavior.

My xmog had disappeared yesterday and I had briefly logged into the Test Realm; this morning, the xmog was back, but to validate it, I logged out of live, went to test (not copied character, just launched Test Realm, logged in, logged out, and returned to live), and the Recruit a Friend pack (cloak) was gone again.


Approximately 1 hour later, to test, I quit out of live, waited 5 seconds, and logged back in.

The xmog had returned.

My guess is that there’s some sort of server/account cross-talk going on, where the Test Realm version of the account doesn’t validate as having the xmogs (and other account bound items) and temporarily overrides the live side information, until such time as the live side asserts priority over the account qualities that Test Realm turns off.

It’s at least a starting point for the QA team, I would hope.

3-25-2022 and it just happened to me too. Literally had it and was using it to change up my mog. I relog because computer is being a little laggy, I log back in and my set is gone, does not even appear in my transmog set, pieces, or collected armor pieces. The shop shows I’ve purchased it. Sucks cuz i was just about to make a mog around it…

Years ago, I purchased the flaming helmet and frost helmet transmogs from the wow store. Both are now missing! I paid for them! I want them back! Blizzard, what the hell is going on???

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I’m sick to death of Blizz not caring! I have spent a lot of money in the store on transmog, mounts, pets and more. I have been repeatedly dumping gold into re-mogging store bought items because they either don’t keep or disappear completely. I will not purchase another thing from the Blizz store until they prove they deserve my money by fixing this issue. And going through some rough times does not fly because a simple acknowledgement of the issue and reassurance that they are looking into it takes a couple minutes and yet has not been issued. So now I will boycott. Maybe lost revenue will get more attention.

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There have been multiple posts from blues stating they found the issue and now trying to fix it. It hasnt been ignored just extremly hard to duplicate whats been affecting a small population of players exp this.


Multi rubble company. This has recently happened to me. It’s good to know it eventually comes back, but it’s such a shame that you pay for something and it not be there. Never going to buy any of those again.

Built a transmog using two pieces of the Celestial gear, and it won’t transmog at all because the set has evaporated from my journal, like I never had it to begin with. :frowning: Gave up and will not be using the set. Disappointed, hope it gets fixed.

They have been trying to come up with a fix for this issue for awhile, but there is no ETA on when it can be implemented once they finish figuring it out. Until then, don’t use the store bought transmog items unless you don’t mind losing the gold if they disappear for a little while.

It just happened to me too. Just bought them and they’re gone hours after the purchase. I guess I’ll ask my money back cause I don’t want my money spent on something that will constantly be unavailable for me to use.

My theory is that they could add “physical references” of the sets in-game since in-game real itens doesn’t go away. Maybe it’s the solution they’re not seeing. Just add the sets as purple itens with no stats and low sell price. Who knows!!!

Yeah probably be the easiest fix. Make a set for each store-bought/collector edition/etc set and mail it to your character in game so they can lock in the appearances. The only ones that seem to blip at random are the ones purchasable in the cash shop (or gotten free from the 6 month sub deals), the ones that were earned from the Blizzcon tickets, and the ones earned from the Refer-a-friend system.

I’ve only ever had issues trying to use pieces from the Sprite Darter Wings (because thatt’s the only set I have) on some characters when I log in as if it doesn’t remove them entirely for that log in they blip momentarily from my transmog list and cause me to have to re-transmog those pieces each time I log in.

Part of the reason most of my character’s transmogs now do not include any of the pieces from those sets because I got sick of having to spend more gold on an issues they still haven’t fixed years later for things they are selling for REAL MONEY but can’t get working.

It’s 2022 and this is STILL an issue.

2 years later they still keep selling the Sprite set on the store without fixing it, MTX&WOWTOKENS on top of SUB and they still can’t deliver a proper Expansion, what the hell is that incompetence Blizzard?

Still having issues with the shop transmogs for the Sprite Darter and the newest one which name eludes me at the moment. They’re not even appearing in my transmogged appearances in-game, though when I check the store, it does have the check next to it showing that I’ve bought them.

Anyway, just another post to say: it’s happening on my character. Please fix. Thank you.

Edit: I am not removing and then readding all my addons on this one. It doesn’t look like this is an addon issue at this point.

P. S. Just thinking about this, I feel like this might be related to sharding, server resets, and phased areas. There are so many different “areas” in the game now that perhaps the area markers aren’t syncing properly with the characters. I’m not wording that well, but hopefully you get the gist of what I’m going for. Considering the issue mentioned earlier with regard to the test realm causing it to happen, this very much feels like a problem with sharding, phasing, or something else of that nature that’s somehow just not jiving with the in-game store mechanics.