Stop trying to re-balance Wrath

If you haven’t heard, Blizzard is talking about a rebalance and ilevel squish in Wrath.

[Classic] Discussion following Live Chat with Devs

No one asked for a rebalance or level squish of Wrath. This is Wrath classic not Wrath SoM.

Even discussing this as a potential is a huge blow to this expansion. This needs to be off the table ASAP.


and yall made fun of people who were no changes lol


I think this is the topic that will unite all of us.

Just Stop Blizzard, leave it as it was.


And yet you cheered when they removed RDF, hypocrite.


not every topic has to be derailed about rdf u know


Nobody asked them to remove RDF either. What comes around, goes around.


Just pointing out the hypocrisy of this vocal anti-RDF poster.


I’ve been open to QoL things that were introduced in wrath, and only things you would have had in wrath. They’re going way too far now.

Wrath is retail 2.0 now.


Rebalancing is risky.

I get that they want to keep Ulduar going longer but this is too much of a divergence from the original LK. I am against this change.

I dont believe this will fix any issues.

Casual dad guilds will not be able to down 25 heroic Ulduar.

Pro guilds will still go to ToC immediately because the heroic 25 man ToC is still offering better gear than Ulduar heroic 25 man.

What exactly is the purpose then of this squish. Class balance could be upset as well.

I like that they are looking at issues like this but a stat squish could have unintended consequences.


RDF is a literal command code to enable but when you start changing stats it quickly will become a retail balancing issue. So the RDF thing is bad but iLvl adjusting would be MUCH worse.

Edit: Rewritten.


We have reached the slippery slope. #no changes was right all along.


When the worst person you know makes a great point


Agree. I was prepared to deal with the lack of easy grouping. Now? This just sucks. I wanted to play Wrath again, not whatever this is turning into.


Actually, yes, some people did ask for a rebalance. The #nochanges crowd is the reason why Classic Vanilla/TBC have been faceroll boring for a lot of players.

I’m all for the ilvl squish if it’s going to make the later raids more challenging.

Not everyone wants to faceroll through every raid and full clear it in the first week. Phase 1 is going to be a complete joke. People on the PTR are clearing Naxx with 3-4 healers and pulling all the trash before every boss at once.

My biggest fear for WotLK is the same as it was for Vanilla Classic and TBC Classic… that most of the content/raids would be faaaaaar too easy, and it was for the most part.


Perfect example of typical wow forum overreacting. Wrath is still wrath, get over yourself.


They might not have asked for it directly, but they certainly did indirectly. A lot of the Classic community criticizes Retail for how seasonal it is… how raids are made irrelevant when the new tier comes along.

The other big criticism is that Classic is too easy.

These changes are targeted towards both of those criticisms. So no, no one directly said “I want an iLVL squish!” but people certainly gave feedback that led to stuff like this.

That’s the job of great game designers, to listen to feedback and give players what they need, not what they ask for.


A perfect example of a Blizzard drone. And no, it isn’t Wrath as it was, it is wrath: reforged.


I agree these changes are coming out of nowhere. I haven’t heard of people asking for I’ll squishing


I’m repeating myself a bit from a post I made earlier but yeah, this is going to be the final nail in the coffin for a lot of people. It’s sad that Blizzard (and I guess the “Council” (which might as well just be for optics because it doesn’t seem like they understand how players view the game)) is behaving more like a private server than the private servers are.

Balance changes should be an absolute no. I’m already unhappy about the 3.3.5 patch in an early version of the game. I can tolerate it, but I digress.

This should be where everyone draws the line. RDF or not RDF, that can wait until the release of ICC in retrospect (when it was released). Put the RDF arguments on the backburner for a while because this “we think we can balance it better” nonsense is going to open a box we can’t close. Slippery slope indeed.


Alright dont get over yourself and play the victim. But continue to pay your sub! Your money is important to finance the game that some of us enjoy! Thanks for that btw.