Stop Punishing Players Who Have Dual Roles

Flashback to wrath, keeping every piece of gear between 232 and 264 on my druid and I just played feral.
Bear set with stamina
Bear agility set
Cat set rotated through not critical or hit capped to crit capped so then hit became important all the while trying to keep as close to if not over the ARP soft cap.

Had to re-gem weekly sometimes twice a week and had an load of trinkets.


…Okay. If balance changes have to result in GM intervention to restore gear just to put you back in a competitive state…I mean, what more signal do you need to know that this is a hideously broken system?

Your evil Activision overlords seem to like mobile models, so try looking at one that’s done this setup better: Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Heroes’ special moves are initially locked to relic equipment and can only be used while it’s equipped. You put it on, use them for a while, it gathers XP, and eventually the special pops out of the equipment and is permanently available to that character.

You can do something like that for BFA. Make traits equippable from the neckpiece, three per ring. Az armor carries the traits at first, and the traits can only be equipped while you wear the armor. You put it on, equip the trait, wear it around, and it gathers AP. After a while the trait pops off and is permanently usable on the neck up to that ilvl.

And look what changes:

  • incentive to play around and experiment with alternate boosts and rotations
  • turned it into a collectible – slap an achievement and a title on it while you’re at it
  • insulated from large balance changes rendering your equipped gear almost useless overnight
  • eliminated the need to wear low ilvl pieces over high ones because of bad traits – now they’re decoupled over time
  • incentivized continued AP gain further on down the line

It’s a self-help tool.

WOW… on this toon sure… wait… been saving for MM in case it ever gets looked at… also SV… and my Monk… 3 sets… more gear then I care for and NOT paying for any changes… if you let us switch the traits for free sure… but having to spend so much gold…
Yeah. 1 set… per spec… each spec uses something different!

In hindsight, they should have taken some of the azerite ideas and developed a new talent tier for all classes; they at least have enough for that. Head, shoulder and chest should have been normal gear and the Heart of Azeroth should have been a 5 wheel azerite talent system - with no reforging cost - and some save spec preset system built in.

Blizz screwed up with the azerite system we have now.


No gm has to get involved when restoring gear. You’re able to do that from this website.

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Pretty sure they’re also referring to the idea of gear having Str/Int/Agi. Carrying 10+ Azerite is typically 3-4 sets of gear. 10 pieces in ye olde days is barely half a set.

I can see what you are saying that you feel there is more pressure to keep the gear but I don’t feel it’s too different from the past. If I was aiming to min-max in all situations then I’d expect to be hanging on to more gear but as I mentioned earlier if there is only a small to tiny percentage difference then I stick with one and clear up the space. Do you keep gear even if it’s a .1% difference? Where is the breaking point for your play style? With the current 30 slot bags that are available, how much empty space do you tend to have?

And something that isn’t directed at you Xoja but some others seem to just be asking for why we are okay with needing multiple pieces per slot at all and creating ‘clutter’. This is my personal stance, but I’d say it feels like just a part of an MMO in that some items are better than others. If we were to simplify it we could just remove stats and have items that are ‘average’, ‘good’, or ‘best’. If the item is ‘best’ it’s the best, period. Then that item can degrade to ‘good’ when a new ‘best’ is available from new content. This would cover the bag clutter and simplify things but I don’t think it’d feel fun.


Granted. You’re still using out-of-game channels to compensate for what’s already been demonstrated more than once to be extreme volatility in balance of permanent items.

It’s ok to have some items to be better than others, but it’s not ok to bind item to specific spec, especially when those slots were usable for all specs for many years before BFA. This is the problem Blizzard refuses to accept and fix.

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Clearly you never played pre-WoD where every armor piece was, for all intents and purposes, bound to a spec.

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While the Blues are here, any chance you can go say hi to Enhancement Shamans? Morale is pretty low.

And why do you think they made gear more spec agnostic in WoD+? Because it sucks to be unable to play off spec. Why make huge step back from this?

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How would you treat a piece of gear that has like heavy crit and is far and away the best for one spec and definitely the worst for another?

It still gives you some benefit, even if it’s smaller, unlike many azerite traits that only work for one spec, and give nothing to other. If traits were switching with spec, that would be non issue…


Juggling three secondary stats is way different than juggling dozens of azerite traits.


Azerite gear still gives some benefit, even if it’s smaller.

How is it different?

Azerite gear still comes some benefit even if 1 trait isn’t active.

So at a base level you feel the system is just too complicated and it would better to simplify it?

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Anyone would, because the reforge cost really is outrageous.

My question is more: Why do you have a reforge system you don’t want people to use?