Stop Punishing Players Who Have Dual Roles

Players that switch between tank and dps find their azerite armor reforge can become excessively expensive. So the question is why does blizz punish those who want to be both? Right now it would cost 640g to reforge one item. Why blizz; Would it not be better for players to respect gear often? Being locked to on spec gear is closing opportunities. Sometimes Tank and Healers need a break. Tanks don’t really work in pvp because of the nerf on damage. Healers get harassed for players dying, even though they cant heal everyone. It should be easy and cost effective to switch; not this accelerating cost for multiple reforging. 640g is way beyond excessive considering it starts off at 5g then doubles every time a player reforges. This is not the first post on this issue nor do I think it will be the last. So why is blizz devs punishing those who have multiple play styles? I think it shows the skill of a players to be able to play all specs. The ability to fit the need of a group should not be punish but celebrated. With current azerite powers, when players switch from dps to tank or dps to healer they lose ring functions without reforging or carrying 2 or more gear sets in their bags. Why not just create gear the switches between specs?


Blizzard doesn’t want you to swap roles.


Of course they don’t. They seem to be changing everything from what the game used to be.

OP - I agree with you and people shouldn’t be penalized for playing more than 1 role.


why is that? What is the logic of punishing those who swap roles?


They want your choices to feel impactful and if you could just swap from being Great DPS to Great Tank with a push of a button: the importance of choosing that spec is vastly diminished.

I don’t think this is a great justification but it seems that this is the direction they want to take class identities.


I keep two separate sets. Different specs have different BiS azurite pieces anyway, it’s not about ‘how high can I push my iLvl’.


Changing everything from what the game used to be? Oh you mean when dual specs didn’t exist and you had to pay what would be today’s equivalent of 500k gold to respec



People complain about getting duplicate gear or gear that’s not as good. Make a second set and learn the other specs in your class.


id rather they just delete my trash spec and give me a fighting chance instead of this current meta of, you can be not good at either. the impactful choice here is to just reroll because if blizzard doesnt want to make hybrids good, then they might as well not make them

azurite is fine with needing multiple items to fill out all ur specs, its no different than having different stat priorities for different specs and collecting different gear for them


Same. I have multiple sets for all my specs except WW, because it doesn’t really need another set. I also have a few additional azerite pieces I keep around for utility traits. I do the same with my druid.

I don’t feel punished for playing all my specs and I enjoy doing so.


You guys must not have played when it cost gold to switch specs.


god i remember having to pay 50g a respec, was horrid and i wish i didnt have to spend hours every week farming arcanite crystals to sell and recover the losses for raiding

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I remember. Yet Blizz was force to change their minds. It due to players rocking the boat that all we have to do is go to a rest area or have a scroll to switch specs.

They aren’t punishing you. Punishing would be no chance to change gear, like they were going to do originally.
Your options are to choose your traits more wisely so you don’t have to change constantly, be more diligent about WHEN you change so the cost doesn’t get out of control, or collect multiple items like the system is meant to encourage anyway.
Even with how limited collection is now, I have 10+ items in my bags with little effort.

Even with all this known, they are also nerfing the cost build up in 8.1 further. Not exactly sure what the change is, but I know a change is coming.

Realistically, all but the outer rings are the only thing you need to be concerned with, and you don’t need to be perfectly min/maxed for most of the content you’d be considering switching for anyway.
The traits, sadly, are just not that important to be that worried about them that you are changing them a dozen times a week.


Yeah, this is actually another reason I despise the loss of the Artifact system. It was -incredibly- useful to have access to offspec weapons to be able to swap for tank, healing, or DPS with only minor loss due to the AP issues.

Sure, you couldn’t really keep all 3 trained all the time, but especially once you’d unlocked the final talent points, it was very handy to give an extra outlet for the AP tokens.

Instead, we have the Azerite gear with the lackluster talents, and have to fight and pray for offspec luck to be able to assist with other roles. It’s doubly ironic since people gripe about the lack of healers and tanks in LFD/LFR situations, and Blizzard removed our ability to be more useful to the group.


I just keep a separate set for my other spec(s) since the pieces tend to be better for one or the other. So while I may be a little worse since I’m not perfectly itemized for one, once I organized things I had no issues switching roles.

At least I don’t have to have a giant pile of items to swap to like I did in the past.


I’m fine with keeping multiple sets for different specs. The problem is how non-user friendly this azerite system is for us hybrids. Every time a new azerite piece drops I did a little inside because it means parking myself infront of the scrapper for an hour, opening up three Wowhead tabs and fumbling through my bags trying to figure which combination of these stupid traits would be optimum for each spec while keeping reforging costs at a minimum.

Part of it is a UI problem I guess, but the nature of this azerite system itself is just so incredibly frustrating that I can’t believe it made its way into an actual video game.


“Could be worse” feels like a weird stance to take. With so much emphasis on armor, with Azerite being what it is, wouldn’t it make much more sense to try to ease the agony of having to keep acquiring multiple armor sets just to do a job?


The azerite trait changer is not for changing specs. Its for ficing mistakes in trait choices. If you want to chamge specs, go get more gear, and bam, you now have the traits for said specs.

They arent punishing you, they are trying to tell you that using only one set of gear is dumb.


i agree with astrae, i love wow and play it all the time, azurite is just something i have to deal with in order to play wow though and i wish this system could just be reverted to items with normal stats, another thing that makes the azurite progressing upsetting is that once u have alts, its hard to maintain the AP farm because of time requirements and so i just find myself falling behind and not wanting to even play them because it would make my main lack the end tier traits or ilvl

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