Stop Punishing Players Who Have Dual Roles

What benefit do I get from some tank spec trait while specced into dps where ability that is affected by the trait not even present?

Just want to thank blizzard Community Managers for participation in this discussion. This community benefits from user input and the input from blizzard.


Sometimes you make a mistake. Sometimes a piece drops that is great for one spec and you can respec something you have to work for another. Have you run into these situations at all? Or something else?

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The primary stats and the second/third rings.

We appreciate your input and while we may not completely agree at times, it definitely helps to understand where you are coming from. :slight_smile:


Blizz wants our bags full of situational azerite gear.

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No, actually. On my druid I just do as you do and keep separate Azerite pieces.

I’m allowed to wonder why the reforge cost is so high, though.

If I did misclick or make a mistake I would bloody well throw out the piece if I couldn’t just wear it as-is.

Yep. That’s definitely nice.

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Much as I disagree with a lot of the things they’re saying (or at least see a lot of the things they’re saying as a partial admission the problem exists), I want to second this. This is the most substantive engagement we’ve had in weeks, and if anything’s going to get better, that’s where it absolutely has to start.

So yeah, thanks for being here. Really.

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They’re changing how the cost plays out in terms of decay. 24hr timer iirc.


I think I understand the motive now.

Is it more about making sure the mythic crowd doesn’t reforge constantly to suit particular dungeons and even particular fights?

But good that it’s being lessened a bit at least.

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Then don’t scrap it? I’m used to holding 40+ pieces of gear (granted, it sucks), but we’re arguing holding gear for pretty minor increases in power.

That’s the gist of it. It was better stated in a blue post but I honestly don’t remember where to dig it up.

It does get high if you are changing a lot for sure. The highest amount I ever paid was like 20 gold I think? Usually it’s at the 5g amount though. Does that feel high or am I missing something here?


So you are saying I should ignore spec specific traits? That’s doesn’t sound like well designed system…

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Complicated isn’t the exact word…maybe cumbersome? It would be great if there was a way in game to see all possible traits for each spec and the ones I currently have available. A better UI for comparing and combining. The current system seems…amateurish.

Spending 30 minutes with 3 Wowhead tabs open (4 on my druid) just to figure the best combination possible between all my traits and gear and specs whenever I get a new azerite drop is not fun.


I have different sets for the same spec depending on if I’m doing dungeons or raids. Maybe you should try doing the same?

THat’s part of it.

Also, do you consider yourself a “Mage” or a “Fire Mage?” (as a general question). It’s those sorts of player engagements that are really difficult to play towards. Regorge costs also help with spec identify — pretty sure most Shadow Priests main don’t want to heal… that sort of thing.

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I’m saying you should carry separate pieces for the specs you’re playing, but if you’re so bull-headedly insistent on not doing that then, outside of porting back to Boralus and reforging constantly, that’s your only choice. And it’s a choice you made to handicap yourself. Not one Blizzard did for you.


Some folks need to reforge more often and the decay doesn’t kick in. It can inflate numbers pretty quickly and you’re sorta trapped behind a psuedo-paywall.


I just aim for a handful of specifics I know I’ll want. For example, I will always, without exception go for Swelling Streams