Stop Punishing Players Who Have Dual Roles

The thing is, I didn’t like tier but lately do miss it. Having to grind for it was terrible, but tier swapped when you spec swapped. You still have to keep piles of gear for other specs, the stats don’t magically swap (secondaries). Whereas you have to keep multiple sets of Azerite, you didn’t have to with the tier, because the modifiers swapped again to that other spec.

I really, really hated being locked down by tier and unable to swap pieces because of it, but I will admit liking it better than the current system.

You act like this is an easy thing to accomplish, especially with Azerite Armor when after you get a piece you’re expected to trade off excess to your guilds needs. Why is this even viewed as an acceptable answer? Obtaining 385 Azerite is a feat on its own right now with how few sources drop it, how are does Blizzard expect players to maintain, in some peoples cases, 4 sets of 385 Azerite?


I care about the traits but if a hotfix makes what I have worse and something I tossed better AND it’s not just a tiny difference then I’ll just restore that item. This has only happened a couple of times over many years of playing. I also have bank space and often pile up things I feel are important until I sort through them and then do a mass bank-space-cleansing.

A lot of changes just come with patches though and that likely means new gear, new sources, and higher level stuff so unless it’s a huge deal I’ll just get the new stuff.


we understand the dynamics of what devs would like us to do. However that really does not explain why the deterrent in the first place? why drive players to have to have 2 more sets of azerite gear or any gear. It is just clutter, keeping track extra gear and locking up bag space is a hassle. When there is a tank shortage, I would be more than happy to help out. More player switching would me less shortage. Its not logical to what is perceived as a problem in game. There should be an achievement for players that dual spec. They are helping. It just does not make since.

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Back in my day, you were either a Holy Priest or you weren’t brought to raid. It wasn’t until WOTLK where you had real support for multi-spec.

Don’t vendor your duplicate Azerite pieces and there isn’t an issue. In the general scheme of things, iLvl doesn’t matter.

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We haven’t been doing that for the last 14 years?


Nope. Unlike most of the gear, azerite armor can’t be reused for off spec without much of hassle.

We literally just finished an xpac where you had to grind a separate weapon from scratch if you wanted to multi spec and you’re acting like this whole having different gear for different specs thing is some malicious new affliction introduced by BfA?

You are a hunter, so this makes sense.

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There are so many sources of Azerite gear, how do you not have at least 4 pieces for each Azerite slot?

Please tell me where can I grind those 385 ilvl azerite pieces non stop.

Mythic Raids and M10+ weekly cache. Ofc, weekly lockout.

And even then, 385 to 370 isn’t much of a difference. No secondary stats, so traits are the defining power spike. iLvl literally doesn’t matter between 385 and 370.

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I literally carry around more azerite gear than back in Cata when I was switching between full caster and tank loadouts. If I did any PVP at all, I’d need another full set of azerite for each spec. At least back in the day, it was only one extra piece per slot.

I have to carry multiple rings for the same healing spec because I need to prioritize different secondaries depending on whether I’m heading to a raid or M+, because some clown decided to make my class mastery paramount for one of those, and not only completely useless for the other but actively detrimental by stealing a massive RA buff.

I have to keep multiple 24-slot bags of MORE az gear in the bank – basically everything 340 and up that’s ever dropped for me – because I don’t know when you guys are going to nerf whatever I’m wearing into irrelevance. You’ve already done it twice.


Legion had same issues: artifact weapon grind, legendaries grind, resulting in players being unable to play off specs optimally.

Things before Legion were much better. You only needed one tier set for all specs (which is 4-5 slots you don’t have to worry about).

…but we don’t have to worry about 4-5 slots right now.

But muh ilvl~!

If we all agree it’s a downside to the system, why aren’t azerite traits made spec specific? As in when I change spec, it gets it’s own azerite traits to choose from? Seems like an easy solution.


I’m currently drowning in Azerite gear. The problem is, the more pieces you accumulate, the more frustrating choosing the best combo for each spec becomes.

Yes it’s more of a QoL annoyance I have, but I hate the Azerite system to begin so this just adds an extra level of irritation. It’s like the whole system is perfectly calibrated to frustrate me.

Yeah, we have to worry about 3*number_of_specs (which is 9 for most classes, plus you may need some for PvP and different kind of PvE scenarios like AoE/ST/Cleave) pieces of gear now “thanks” to “awesome” azerite armor. We basically have to grind more, much more gear now than before…

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Because of RNG - sometimes those 4 pieces are all the same one for a given slot.