Stop Punishing Players Who Have Dual Roles

I’ve got almost 3 full sets of azerite gear on my 'lock. My demo set is my best because it’s my favorite spec.

My aff set is second best because it’s what gets me into pugs sometimes.

My destro set is a work in progress because finding groups is difficult outside of my guild so I only get to run 1-2 M+ dungeons a week.

This is why I only play one spec regardless of class. The guild that my DH is in keep insisting that I come along when they need more dps and I have never changed specs. I just do whatever is optimal for me. If people don’t like it they will stop inviting me or they will ask me to play the role I am specced for.

You want the game to be exceptionally dumbed down.

I admit, I’m curious. If you don’t care which trait is best, then why not just pick one and go on your merry way?

The UI doesn’t really bother me outside of the animation and waiting for the traits to load. If the gear doesn’t contain one of the nine traits (five being BiS for their purpose and the other four being acceptable followups) I can utilize among my three specs as a monk, then it’s not worth my time. Unless it’s an ilevel upgrade, in which case I’d just sim it and be done with it.

I have 3+ sets for tanking/healing/dpsing - (excluding azerite gear) weapons, trinkets especially. DH’s at least have it easy since both of the specs have the same secondary stats.

It would be nice to have 3 less pieces to need to carry multiples of. We’d still have a lot to carry around, but it would be in line with how Tier sets in Legion swapped their bonus when you changed specs.

On my Warrior, it just has Dps and Tank as possible roles.
So initially, I used generic Azerite traits that worked for both these roles, like Dagger in the Back, until I was able to collect pieces for each individual spec.
Though not the most beneficial to a tank’s survivability… Dagger in the Back at least functions across all a Warrior’s specs.

Problem: Some of the generic traits don’t function for healers. Meaning for many hybrids (Or players who intended to play multiple roles often) it comes down to a choice of; Do I choose the trait that makes me heal better but doesn’t function for any other spec or the trait that at least functions for 3/4 of my specs but doesn’t help me heal at all?
E.g. Battlefield Precision or Dagger in the Back.
Blizz, you’ve put Multi-role classes in a really sucky situation. Learn to do better, please.

I play my Druid and Paladin alts often. But neither yet has enough high ilvl azerite pieces to have a helm/shoulders/chest to dedicate towards each role. Let alone, a set I can dedicate towards each spec.

And it feels awful. Eventually I may reach the point where I have a set of azerite gear with healing traits that function for my healing spec, while I also have a set of other traits that function for my Dps/Tank specs. But I have yet to reach that point.
And in the interim, it feels horrible to play a healing spec with non-functioning traits. The only alternative being, to choose traits that function for my healing spec but do not function for 3/4 of my other specs. Another bad situation.

I dislike the Azerite system.

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Then why don’t they include azerite gear in the M+ loot tables instead of giving us a small cap each week on the number of lottery rolls we get to take? It doesn’t help me farm extra gear if I get 3-4 copies of the same azerite gear pieces.

I wish I could like this twice. :slight_smile:


Well I still want to make sure I have the appropriate TYPE of trait selected for each spec. So that still means alt-hovering over each shoulder piece in my character screen, reading all the traits, then alt-tabbing over to wowhead to see what each trait does. Or looking for each shoulder piece in my bag among the dozens of pieces of gear I already have, shift-clickiing on each one, waiting for the animation to finish, looking at each individual trait, and alt-tabbing over to wowhead and back and fort.

I really should be speaking in past-tense, cause I’ve already unsubbed and deleted the game. I’m just using my last 3 days of game-time to make sure I’m not the only one who hate hate HATES the way this azerite system was implemented.


Agreed - aside from the traits, and the restrictions - the USE of this gear is annoying as you describe.

Allowing for the traits to switch to different ones would simplify the issue by FAR.

But it’s only getting worse with the 5th being added. At least before the outer ring generic traits could marginally help a different role. Even a dps trait could help healers pump out some damage in M+'s.

With the 5th ring - the generic trait argument goes out the window.

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I am not sure how people can say this and not realize how ridiculous they sound. You USED to have to have a completely different set of gear. Now you have to have a different piece for a few slots and people act like it some horrendous burden.

I do this as well. I keep a set for each spec even though I’m likely to only ever use two.

It’s by no means ideal at least from my perspective, but I just treat it like we’ve always done in the past with managing multiple sets. So to be honest I notice very little difference gear maintenance wise other than having to figure out which pieces are better offspec wise when it comes to Azerite traits as its a spec I don’t prioritize as much as my main spec.

It’s definitely a downside to the system and I think we can all agree on that but I don’t see it as a major issue.

If you’re trying to keep using the same pieces for two specs and you’re not liking the cost to reforge them, then you should rethink how you’re handling the pieces and the system itself. You’re supposed to keep multiple items for different setups with different traits. I’ve reforged maybe 3 or 4 times this entire expansion so far while maintaining the ability to play all 3 roles of my class and keeping gear for those specs.


I have twelve pieces of azerite gear in my bags right now. I can shift-click and tell by icon alone what spec they belong to. I can also read what they say to know what they do, but since I only need specific traits and already know what they are, I only have to see that icon or trait name to know if it’s worth considering. This process takes only as long as it takes the traits to load on a new piece of gear.

Just know which traits you want to chase after and it simplifies how long it takes to consider a piece of gear. Seems like you’re overthinking the process way too much.

No we don’t. We don’t agree. Make traits switch with spec and be saved per spec.

Btw this issue is getting much worse with new 8.1 ring…


This x 10000%. This “”"“fix”""" along with the “”"“fix”""" to my main class (Resto/Enh Shaman) are the reasons I’m done with this xpac. I don’t enjoy my class and i don’t enjoy the Azerite system, therefor I don’t enjoy any of the content.

Personally, I’d like to see Azerite move closer to the glyph system. Have traits “unlock” when you get them. But have different traits unique to the type of content…certain traits only drop in raids, with better versions of the traits dropping on higher difficulties. Same with Mythic+, Warfronts, etc. Have the UI attached to the necklace.

Frankly anything would be better than what we have now.

As a druid I play all specs and have over 20 azerite pieces in my bags as well as an assortment of trinkets, haste gear, vers gear, and spec weapons. I used to reforge more before i had a mountain of azerite gear but I never got past the 50g reforge.

t took a lot of time to collect all that gear and learn all the gameplay but its fun being able to switch to any spec. Still I would not complain if Blizz added a large bag for only gear.

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Like I’ve said a few times in here, an updated UI would make a WORLD of difference just to make it easier to compare all the traits side by side. The whole thing is clunky and cumbersome right now. It’s much easier to mentally juggle three secondary stats than it is dozens of azerite traits.

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The Azerite system totally encourages that, though. Unless you are a player that does not care about the traits other than the ones you have on it is in your best interest to hold on to gear with different traits, especially when balance changes happen.

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becauae there is no such this as equal. There will always be things that have a slight edge over others.
And correct is subjective. Mostly depends on context.

Resilience gear anyone?