Stop Punishing Players Who Have Dual Roles

My Druid preemptively laughs at all the people who think it’s some kind of burden to carry more than 1 set (3 pieces of gear, mind you).


Does it not seem a little counterintuitive that there are “mistakes” that are made? What’s the point of having a choice if there’s only one correct one?


In legion if the wait for a tank was too long I could just swap specs. Not a great tank but got through mythics and low level keys. That system was kinda nice.


Thanks for responding.
Why would blizz want us to farm 2 or more sets of gear. It creating clutter within the data. Would it not just be more efficient to have a gear change with your spec. What I trying to understand is why increasing gold every time, what is the point creating a clear deterrent? Why is Blizz against respecting?


Scrap the azerite gear and just have them normal drops. Put everything into the neck and it switches talents when you change spec. Same as artifact but so much easier.


So you want your guild tank to take your beating for you in raids and then he can go F him/herself after the raid when he’s gotta dps for world quests after they’re done serving the guild? It’s not exactly fun to always tank/heal for everybody, I can attest to that - that’s why I picked a pure this expansion. It should be super easy for any player willing to take one for the team to be able to do that, don’t you think?

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This has become less of an issue for me as I’ve been getting more Azerite pieces, I still feel the rate at which we get them could be increased a bit but it has definitely gotten better.

One change I’d really like to see however is just a QoL thing: Please just let me select azerite traits regardless of what spec I’m currently in… Whenever I’m sorting my gear sets or I get a new azerite piece that is good for my off-spec it’s just very annoying having to swap specs just to be able to pick that trait, what I mean is please just let me pick a Holy/Shadow trait when I’m specced as Disc, we (the players) understand that trait is not for our active spec but we often want to pick it for off-spec.

As for the changes coming in 8.1 where M+ will drop currency to ‘buy’ the azerite pieces you want, I have yet to test it but from a first impression based on what I’ve read about how long it takes to gather enough resources to buy a piece it sounds a bit slow, from what I’ve heard it’s 2-3 weeks for a random piece OR 5 to 6 for a specific one, I think those timeline would be alright if they were running in parallel (so 2-3 weeks for a random one AND you can buy a specific one every 4 to 6 weeks).


I have no desire to touch my druid at all this space solely because of this fart of a system.


I don’t understand how people at this point don’t have at least enough gear for each of their specs. Having to carry a 2nd set is not a new thing, and you’re offered the option of not having to spare a few slots on your gigantic bags by respeccing the azerite traits, if that’s not your jam. Convenience comes at a gold cost, always has. You’re not being ‘punished’, you’re turning yourself into a victim.


I’m confused. Didn’t you always have to have separate gear for a different spec, what was weird about that staying the same.


Blizzard doesn’t want you to respec your azerite gear between roles.

You’re intended to have pieces of gear to use for another role like tanking. This is even evident in trinket and weapon selection. Just add helm, shoulder, and chest to the list.

What are you even talking about? Tier sets were universal for many years and now you suddenly replace them with azerite garbage that doesn’t swap traits with spec and expect players to carry additional items or pay tons of gold for respec for no reason… Why? Get rid of this garbage!


In my most controversal voice: no, I don’t think so. I come from Vanilla where if you wanted a tank: you got a Warrior. If you wanted a healer: you got a Priest.

I really miss the fact that classes had purpose. Now there are 15 healers and 9 tanks and 26 DPS and really class choice doesn’t matter anymore.


Tier sets may have been universal for a time, but you still had to carry many pieces of gear to complete equipment sets for classes that cover multiple roles. Sometimes even multiple pieces of tier to account for enchants.

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The difference is that this time you have to open up three pages of Wowhead every time a new piece of gear drops. Juggling all these stupid traits (whose usefulness might change in the next round of trait balancing hotfixes) to find an optimal gear setup for all 3 specs is the antithesis of fun.


Yes, I want the other players in the game to commit to their class and role because they know they will have to rely on others for help.

I’m a Mage, I can bring water, ports, and a TON of DPS but I cannot: heal or tank. That’s fair and I think that’s a fun design - I have to go find help.

I don’t know where the whole… “slave” angle came from, but I have a feeling you just wanna be mad at someone over a video game so I’ll stop responding now.


try to keep this clean. I understand the frustration. However Blizz wont respond they will close the post.

This is absolutely no different from how you used to fire up icy veins or thottbot or whatever to check what the current cookie-cutter spec was for your character. Or did you have another point you were trying to make?

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Agree. I have 21 pieces of Azerite gear in my bags currently along with 12 trinkets and 10-12 other gear items. I have more gear in my bags in BFA than I did when I had 2 full sets in other expansions.


I hate to be rude…but…are you new to WoW?

Except maybe Legion you’ve always needed multiple gear sets, worse so in earlier expansions. Off-Spec Gear has always been a thing.