Stop punishing "Exploiters."

yeah it is. because that’s stealing.

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You make a 100% completely accurate common sense statement…


I am familiar with how ATM’s work.


Know how long it took me to find the dumb tab that allows me to put points into a specialization?

Now, I don’t do tailoring so I’m not sure how obvious it was that they were exploiting.

But don’t make a silly ATM comarison when it’s not the same thing.

EDIT: Also, I am specialized in Elemental mining which allows you to “charge a node” every 24 hours and shows a CD on the button.

Yesterday I could have SWORN I did it in the AM before work but when I got home (10 hours later) it said 5 hours left. So, in 5 hours I pushed the damn button!

Do I need to write down IRL when I do these things in case I get BANNED?

EDIT 2: Please note my error of 24 hours. It’s really 12 hour CD. I point out my error to show how new all this stuff is at this point. (and further shows how the rest of my math was off FURTHER supporting the “ignorance defense” I am illustrating that the players can and should use.)

Irrelevant, it’s a common sense thing, even if you were not familiar with something once it’s obvious you are getting more than you should its common sense to question the situation and seek help.

If for some reason it was bugged and you were using more mats than it says you wouldn’t just keep doing it you would seek help online or from blizzard.
Same common sense applies once you are being favored by something. It’s obvious that something weird is happening and you should look into it.

The game literally tells you were it is the fist time and there is a button you can click that displays all the information about UI. It’s on you

If you are not sure why are you even commenting and calling comparison silly? It is a proper comparison so go educate yourself on the topic before commenting on it.

Ignorance is not a defense.

Again the reason you are wrong and can’t understand why is because you don’t know how the exploit works, just so you understand your comparison is worst than the ATM one, again before talking about something educate yourself on the topic

Stop exploiting

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You can have your opinion.

I disagree with you.

Just know that your opinion contains just as many facts as mine does.

You just read it differently.

And your ATM example is still dumbAF

Ahem :point_down:

It’s not “court,” but they absolutely pull up records to determine who gets what and for how long.

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How do you know its a bug that you are abusing in the first place? What if the person genuinely thinks its part of the game and not an exploit? Particularly if they’re young or perhaps intellectually handicapped?
Seems like you just want to place the onus on the player when really, if blizzard are charging money for a product, it shouldn’t be so defective. I’ll never understand this kind of corporate bootlicking.

The only truly dumb thing here is you refusing you educate yourself about the topic, you literally don’t know the situation and somehow feel like you are right. Talk about dumb takes

Because being intellectually handicap doesn’t excuse you from following the law?

And there is a huge difference between doing something naturally without realizing and exploiting something.

So me wanting exploiters to be banned means I’m a corporate bootlicker? Where is the logic in that?

I guess I’m also a shill if I want bots ban because blizzard should just be better and have protections in place to stop bots lmao.

Just accept your L and wait it out.

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You can’t define exploiter. That’s part of the problem.

And stop thinking I’m entirely disagreeing with you.

I just don’t agree to drag out the hatchet like some enraged Queen of Hearts (off with his head!)

Blizzard released a broken game and punished people for pushing the provided buttons.

I have been playing since TWO WEEKS after Vanilla was launched.

I have NEVER EVER been invite do Beta or Alpha testing or whatever.


Have active post-launch users that have the same tools for reporting as the beta testers.

“Does Blizzard even play their own game?”

How many times have you heard THAT?

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I saw that one thing you did over there

Lmao even

Nothing you said is relevant, every, literally every game has bugs and exploits.

It’s not ok for players to take advantage of them, you talk like it’s possible to release a game to millions of people without any kinda of bug or exploit it makes no sense.

If Blizzard does not punish exploiters and then fixes the exploit, they have punished non exploiters. Who should Blizzard punish, exploiters or non exploiters?

So by your logic, bots shouldn’t be banned either because it’s on Blizzard for making the game so bot-friendly.

People being racist in chat shouldn’t be banned because it’s on Blizzard for providing the platform to say those things.

I understand you want to dream about a faux libertarian delusion, but at the end of the day, this is a private company and they can do whatever the hell they please. We don’t own our characters, and Blizzard reserves the right to ban you for whatever reason they want. Don’t like it? Well, I suggest you stay away from virtually every game and service out there.

i concur with reindeer lady over here.

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You act like it’s hurting YOU. Like YOU are sad about this or something.

Are you personally affected by this?

Hey if I fall through the dragonflight world into a secret lair full of gold then that gold is mine mine mine!

I will use that gold as I see fit and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Found the extreme example guy.

“So, like, if I know your address it’s ok for me to go into your house and make a sandwich and take a dump because I know where you live?”

No Mr. Mailman. Just because you deliver my mail and know where i live you can’t come inside my house.

“But, like, you let me go into your mailbox, so whats the difference if I go into your house? ITS THE SAME BECAUSE IM A PSYCHOPATH!”

Go away Verdus with your extreme nonsense.