Stop punishing "Exploiters."

How is that even remotely tangentially related to what I said? You are just being contrarian for the sake of it.

How about you stop wasting your time on the forums and go back to finding an exploit to abuse instead?

You’re equating things that are not on the same level.

Participating in the function of the User Interface which is designed and programmed by Blizzard with the intention of using it for its intended purpose is NOT THE SAME AS…

Someone used a racist term in Chat.

When you drop a certain word or phrase in chat you know very well what you’re typing and you can’t use the “I didn’t know what chat was for” excuse.

Blizzard themselves have stated they have “found a way” to discern who was REALLY abusing the cloth CD and who was just “pressing buttons”.

So don’t take it from me.

Exploiting is considered cheating so yeah, they should be punished ruins not only your gameplay time but others as well

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You could very easily argue the same applies for abusing bugs and exploits, and I think that’s the main point people are trying to argue in the thread.

It depends on whether someone was being deliberate about it. You said it yourself.

Besides, my point still stands about Blizzard doing whatever they want. This whole conversation was moot from the very beginning, despite how much one might try to argue otherwise. Their company, their rules. They don’t even need a reason to ban or suspend anyone.

It’s not about if it’s hurting me or not, it’s about cheating, cheater get ban

There is this thing called integrity and while I like to live by it, some people have never heard of it before.

This is exactly the crux of all of this. How are you supposed to know the dev’s intentions? That’s just being unrealistic.

I also find it very unfair that someone is held accountable (the player) for someone else’s (the coders’) error.

So once upon a time, when LFR first came out for Dragon Soul in Cata it was also the first time loot could be traded by players to each other without a GM involvement. Some “mythic” raiding tryhards (actual mythic as a difficulty setting didn’t exist yet) found a bug that basically allowed them to gear up their mains by having people present for the boss pull, hearth out, drop group, and maybe even log out (I don’t remember all the particulars). The rest of the team would finish the boss and leave the raid and trade any of the juicy tier pieces (because DS tier was insane especially for tanks that even LFR tier was “mandatory”) while the bug prevented the degenerate player from being saved to the boss…allowing them to also run and try again…and again…and again…and again.

Thing is, certain guilds COLLUDED to keep the bug unreported so they had a better chance at beating other guilds who didn’t know about it and come live, it was quickly abused and caused quite the fuss at the time. Blizzard ended up taking a long time but ultimately banned the cheaters for 8 days costing those who exploited a week of progression…

Do you think it was “normal and expected gameplay” to pull a boss, hearth out, drop group, and/or log out until the boss is dead and the saved flag is applied just to be traded the drops? Or do you think that is a deliberate and intentional effort to undermine the obviously intentional way the system was designed to work?

The people abusing the bug are not innocent little doe-eyed lambs. These are largely people who are tryhards intentionally trying to push the boundaries and find cracks in the system to give themselves a competitive edge. Common sense applies here. If you know you got a cooldown and you’re finding ways to circumvent that cooldown without any logical ingame reasons for it (like your elemental overload ability which tells you that mining nodes reduces the cooldown) then you’re cheating. Plain and simple.

The whole mantra of “exploit early and exploit often” rings true because Blizzard historically has been VERY lax on cheaters and ESPECIALLY the mythic raiding tryhard community. The example I gave about in DS should have absolutely 100% led to perma bans and account closures. Like GTFO you are no longer welcome in the game or community anymore. Go be a no life cheating degenerate somewhere else.


It’s not the players job to look out for all of the bugs in this expansion. That was the beta testers job.

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So you expect players to do Blizz employees job for them…basically. Its THEIR job to make sure the game works how the want it to. If I see something that I can do to make things a bit easier/quicker you best believe Im gonna do it just like literally 100% of everyone else would. For example if people found out a certain mob was bugged and was dropping several pieces of 495 gear literally EVERYONE would be there killing that mob and you can NOT blame them. Its NOT the players job to prevent things like that.

“Cheating seems to be a relevant term only when one is caught in the act. Otherwise it is viewed as intelligence, no?”

HK-47 - Kotor 1.

Yes, yes they can. Because you agreed to do just that when you agreed to the Terms of Use.

In my opinion, they aren’t punishing exploiters enough. They are way too lax in their punishments. There’s a reason “Exploit Early, Exploit Often” is a mantra.

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i called it months ago lol. Then again you don’t need to be psychic to have predicted that DF would be released in beta form.

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never said that

yes I can blame them and I am. no not everyone would try their hardest to exploit the game.

also read the ToS, you literally aggree to not do that.

You people (users of GD) really gotta get over this logical fallacy.

no get punished for doing exploits, there’s needs to be more bans from these things anyways but they don’t wanna piss off ppl and they quit and blizz loses money. it’s annoying being at a disadvantage because people exploited recipes, gear, money etc and then nerf things because of it. the worst is profession because getting renown that high will take months for some but others got it and it’s stupid. exploit early and often needs to not be the mantra anymore, it’s exploit and get banned. do better blizz df is fun but buggy

If they weren’t going to do anything they should’ve at least removed their ranks/knowledge/mats. But nah, prob some devs or their friends guy banned and had to over turn it.


They should just remove the renown and not ban, if an exploit drove up renown to fast. Fix the error, don’t answer an error with an error.


Well said folks.

If it can be done in game without hacking you can NOT blame the player for doing it…PERIOD! The player did what the game allowed him/her to do which is all the permission you should need…NOTHING should be considered an exploit if the game permits it.

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