Stop punishing "Exploiters."

I personally believe the longer you’ve played and more content you do in this game, the more likely it was not an “innocent mistake” and thus your punishment should be more severe and/or longer.

The vast majority of people exploiting know they are exploiting and aren’t some innocent little lamb. They are tryhards tryharding to get ahead of the curve in an unintended way.


They need to ban people who exploited the rep bug too. Exploiting the economy should be instant ban forever. No appeals.


Exactly!! There’s a big difference between running into an exploit by accident and actually exploiting it. You ran into one by accident and Blizzard recognizes when that happens because of what you do next. In your case, you did NOT camp and kill him a million times.

I ran into an exploit some expansions ago on my mage. Apparently there was something you could do which made your pyroblast instant cast. I did it by accident and was really confused. Logged in/out. It went away. Accidentally did the whatever it was again and it came back. Now that I recognized the pattern, I could have kept doing it and keeping the instant cast pyroblast. Instead, I ticketed it. I didn’t get in trouble. A bunch of people who intentionally took the bug into BGs got banned.

Another time with some big weekly quest, I ran into another. I was running around 8-10 characters at the time so I can’t always remember everything they’ve done. My main turned in the quest, got the reward, and I went about whatever else until a few days later, I noticed my main still had the quest. “WTF. I thought I turned this in! Good thing I noticed it before maintenance.” Turned it in. A day later, there it still was again, leaving me thinking “waaaaaait a sec…” In this case, I never knew what exactly was triggering it, but I chose to NOT turn it in again and ticketed it. I did not get in trouble. The people who knowingly triggered it to keep coming back and turned it in a pile of times got banned.

Like I said above. It’s on you if you want to exploit or not.

You are only innocent if you did it once. If you did it 4000 times in one hour then you can’t use the “I didn’t know” card.

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Banning forever is a bad idea. Studies and data have found that a perma banned person but still motivated will just make a new acct. It’s a far harder choice when the ban is for a long but not too long of a time…like say 6 months. Are you really going to buy a fresh game and start over fresh or just wait 6 months?

For tryhards, I think banning them for the season and/or tier would be good. Long enough that they miss the current season and any FOMO rewards. For extra spite, I would say too they are automatically disqualified from future PTR and Betas too.


If they make a new account then they will be behind when they start. Assuming the exploit is fix. They won’t be able to catch up quick.

That would probably be fine believe it or not, but let’s say that tomorrow you realize that if you equip all gray items your moonfire one shots everything it hits.

If you exploit that to do mythic raid you deserve to be ban yes

Yes but if they knew they were perma banned with 0 appeals, then they have no hope of recovering what they had and thus their only option is to move on or start over whereas if you tack on a long but not impossibly huge duration, now the choice becomes far less clear. Again, to use 6 months as an example. A tryhard with a long term account is far less incentivized to pay for a new game + expansion and level up fresh toons just to be far behind if they know they’ll get their original account back. If they still are desperate for their wow fix and you perma ban them, then the choice is easy…new account it is.

The goal is to keep them out/away. Perma bans don’t really do that again as the data shows. I think even Blizzard once said this themselves.

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That is why I think it is better just to remove items from players than suspend them unless it is obvious they knew. Someone logging out and then resetting a cd and doing that 20 times in a row, that is obvious to me. Someone doing that 3 times a day when they normally log in 3 times a day is someone who thinks the system works that way.

When people change their normal behavior to take advantage that is when they should be definitely suspended and items removed.

spurned you? punched him in the face? Gad, I’ll wager that the only punching that you have ever done is in your mama’s basement, you big bad boy you.

I feel like you missed the entire point of that post. You should reread it and try again.

But hey, no skin off my nose however you want to envision me. I’ve nothing to prove to you nor do I feel so inclined to try.

Punish them more.

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You’re free to believe that, but you’re wrong. Here are two examples, neither of which use external hacks, one of which is absolutely ban worthy, the other is not, to demonstrate a contrast.

During WotLK, someone discovered they could stand in sartharion’s lava on a disc priest and slowly damage the boss without getting any aggro. It took a long time to solo, but it should be clear to anyone that killing a boss that never attacks is completely outside the design intent and is an exploit. They just used mechanics, but the fact there was no risk of failure for one of the most challenging encounters of the tier should make it obvious that the rules were being broken.

During the same time period, in Naxx, there was a bone shield on trash in one of the wings that could be stolen by Mages. Mages were able to solo the wing because the bone shield was enormous, and by dragging this mob behind them and refreshing the buff they could clear the necessary trash and all 3 bosses in the wing. It was a 6-8 hour grind, that required a lot of focus and attention to manage all of the mechanics and not allow the shield to drop. These players used a spell they had against enemy units in a way the spell was intended to be used, and overachieved relative to the designer’s intentions. The shield was fixed to be unstealable, but no one was punished.

Well, except during Sinestra progression during Cata when a DK tried dark simulacrum during Wrack and almost killed her by himself. There as a moment of “what the hell?” from the raid leader, then the DK explained what happened, they all laughed, called a wipe, and reported it as a bug. People like you probably have a hard time believing this, but just hitting things for 10,000,000 damage and doesn’t actually feel like winning for competitive people with integrity. We would rather actually, you know, beat the encounter with skill than just collect epics because of a bug.

No, you and the OP are 100% wrong. What you should have written is:

OP wrote “revert the profits as much as possible”. I.E. Ban Durations. Maybe lessen ban durations. Or character locks instead of account bans for exploits that give gold or gear.
An in game accomplishment should never be deleted due to the game company’s mistakes IMO.

I actually agree with this guy. Blizzards own lack of quality assurance allows people to exploit, allowing those exploiting to get an advantage over everyone else. Then blizzard nerfs or fixes the exploit and everyone else is left with nothing and get to play catch up from that point

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I’ve always been an honest and truthful person.

My job kind of requires me to always tell the truth. I document things as I see them and all interventions; malpractice is a real thing.

I remember many years ago working at the grocery store and finding $100 bill in the parking lot and I took it to my manager.

She promptly just said she would have kept it for herself but I could not have done that.

That could have been someone’s only source of income that they were going to use to buy food and maybe they’ll come back later to ask if they lost it…so I couldn’t justify keeping it. Same went for wallets, purses, phones I’ve found.

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If its possible to do in the game without hacking then its not an exploit. I agree completely with this poster. If a company doesnt want people doing certain things in their game then make sure it cant be done. You cant blame others for your own incompetence in programming. Its HUMAN to use easier/quicker ways to do things in game. Literally EVERYONE will do it if they know about it.


DF never should have gone live in this condition, so this is all on Blizz.

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Stop punishing exploiters you say?

People who exploit deserve to be smacked around with the banhammer. Do mistakes happen with penalties being applied when they shouldn’t? Yes, and that’s up to Blizzard to fix and apologize for, which they do. But not punishing exploiters at all?


Because no.

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Not really. One would pop up after you crafted 10 — 16 hours — even if that reset daily, you were only supposed to craft 1 per day, maybe? That’s what it became after the bans. But it would always fill up with another 10 — whether it was from a reload or waiting a day — thus you would have then crafted 18 more than you were supposed to. Thus a ban.

I would check after it had been some hours and saw it was off cooldown, so I got excited and crafted more. Then, once I unlocked 20 as max, I noticed the bug. I assumed it was a glitch of some sort — I’m supposed to get 20 per day, right? Then I noticed it had reset when I clicked back at it being all sad after TP to Valdrakken. “Oh! 10 more, so that’s the 20 I was supposed to have!”

Then I kept going like that each day, to craft 20. And maybe more? I’m terrible at keeping track of time between needing to sleep a lot and working nights, so I’m sure I checked after like 10 hours a few times and did my crafts.

The tooltip for the spec just says “decreases how much magic you expend” (paraphrase)

Now, I will say I just crafted 7. This whole week it would stop me after crafting 1. I missed 2 days, so I assumed it was the same visual bug that it has been (it always showed max, stopping you after 1 craft). So I just hit craft all (to autocraft all 3), and looked at another monitor. Then I heard too many noises.

It kept going.

I stopped it after 7 crafts, but now I’m not sure if I’m going to get banned, because they haven’t even acknowledged in patch notes any fixes this entire 2 1/2 weeks. I’m now consistently at 23/30 available crafts even after Hearthstone and phasing and other tests.

Yet we still have 0 word from blizz wtf is supposed to happen.