Stop punishing "Exploiters."


I hate to say it, but it’s your fault for having loop holes and bugs in this expansion. It was rushed. You can’t rely on players to avoid these exploits by playing with integrity. You definitely shouldn’t be banning them when they don’t! You’re going to drive a lot of people away. Competitive gamers look for advantages and exploit them. It’s not their job to look out for your mistakes.

DF has been amazing thus far and I thank you for it, but please don’t go back to your old, grumpy ways. If you see a bug and people are exploiting it, fix it. If the damage is severe, revert the profit as much as possible. Most people are understanding when it comes to losing their competitive advantage, but they’re not understansing when it comes to being punished (banned) for playing the game.

Thanks for reading!

Edit : Some of you guys have some very unrealistic expectations. There is no Blizzard court where they pull up records of what you did or did not do and have a trial. Blizzard needs to take accountability, fix the bug, and move on.


Tldr: " I got banned for cheating the system and I’m mad"


looks to all the tank qq that happened recently

…uh huh


L take.

I don’t believe you.


Encounter a bug by accident? No problem.
Find out a bug, then continue to abuse it over and over? Problem.

It is generally against the second half of Competition – called Sportsmanship for those who were unaware – to willingly and intentionally abuse an exploit for personal gain.


I’m shocked anyone is arguing against OP. He/She is 100% correct- this was a rushed expansion, plagued by bugs, and banning people taking advantage of bugs is a horrible practice. Fix the game, don’t ban people who min/max or simply craft spellthread when its off cooldown. It’s absolutely ridiculous that a banwave happened as a result of this, and Blizzard even acknowledged that they made a mistake when they reversed it. You all just like to argue.


Is this in regards to the tailoring bug that got their bans overturned?

“Look here dweeb. It is YOUR fault that you have such a punchable face. If you didn’t have such a punchable face, I might not have felt so inclined to punch you in the face. And then to make it worse, you doubled over and peed yourself which I found to be absolutely hilarious and then further spurned me into kicking the crap out of you wanting to hear more of your anguished groans and cries. None of this is my fault. It is yours for being such a loser dweeb in the first place.”

That is your line of argument, OP.

Too bad for you that you signed a TOS agreeing NOT to abuse any bugs you find. Hope you got a nice and long vacay.


Go ahead and show us where that line is in the TOS.


If it was about the tailoring stuff, people who did it on accident were unbanned. People who went balls-deep to replicate the bug repeatedly to be purposefully exploiting it without any shadow of a doubt of it being an ‘innocent accident’ deserve to get that slap.


Cheating: Create, use, offer, promote, advertise, make available and/or distribute the following or assist therein:

  1. cheats; i.e. methods not expressly authorized by Blizzard (whether accomplished using hardware, software, a combination thereof, or otherwise), influencing and/or facilitating gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods;

Who are the tanks competing against in the group, please enlighten me?

Your post just admits you know you took advantage of something outside of design. My only wish is that the punishments are more severe.


This was literally designed into the game. If Blizzard sets a cooldown incorrectly, it’s not an exploit.

I was referring to the tanks crying that they couldn’t be mega op and just doing massive dungeon pulls that would shred the healer and dps


Lul, if anything they should be rewarded for doing the debuggers job for them.

Damn, got to it before me. Yeah, it only takes a brief gloss-over of the EULA to find that bit.

And yeah, it was obviously an exploit because if something has a 18 hour CD, and you find a way to make it a 0 hour CD, that is not functioning as intended, thus, an exploit.


Nah ban them. When people learn their accounts may be compromised if they exploit they will do it less.


Yes it is. With that line of argument, no bug or glitch is exploitable because no player has any means to introduce code to the game thus it is all Blizzard’s fault.

If anything, Blizzard wussed out overturning the majority of the bans. Especially in the case of no life mythic raiding tryhards, ignorance is absolutely no excuse. WoW is datamined to unholy hell and back and these sorts knew professions have lengthy time gates and thus it wasn’t intended. No different than people back in BfA who exploted buggy world quests giving rewards but not clearing themselves allowing people to farm over and over again.

A reasonable person would be like “this doesn’t seem right. I’m probably not meant to be doing this” and then just not do it.


I know. I bet the donkeyhat actually thought he had one on me.